BEST Transportation

Forward Thinking Customer Success Story
"Losing last minute customers because we weren’t quick enough to react is a thing of the past. We immediately identify the vehicle closest to the passenger. Our dispatchers use it all the time."
-Lori Duvall, Director of Operations

BEST Transportation

St. Louis, MO
50+ Vehicles
BEST Transportation and its family of companies operate the largest chauffeured transportation company in St. Louis and provide shared ride shuttle service to more than 90 airports around the world.

The Challenge

Lori Duvall, Director of Operations, spoke of the challenges that come with managing over 30 buses. “Did this bus cross state lines or not? Does it require paperwork for interstate taxes?”

BEST Transportation’s chauffeur development manager also had his hands full coaching drivers on good driving behavior like gentle acceleration and taking safe turns.

To top it off, Lori felt they were losing business when she wasn’t able to accommodate customers that were looking for last minute pickups.

In spite of these challenges, Lori wasn’t actively seeking a fleet management solution. But that quickly changed when she saw a demo of IntelliHub® (our web-based software) at a trade show.

The Solution

With our fleet tracking solution active on every bus, BEST Transportation is operating smoother than ever and saving more time than they imagined. Lori had no trouble giving specifics on how Forward Thinking solved her fleet’s issues.

“Our fleet manager uses IntelliHub® all the time. We now receive alerts if, say, a driver is nearing a mileage limit. Your vehicle icons are also very helpful. The buses are actually buses on the map.”

“Losing last minute customers because we weren’t quick enough to react is a thing of the past. With your GPS tracking, we immediately identify the vehicle closest to the passenger. Our dispatchers use it all the time.”

“Our chauffer development manager is also pleased. Your Driver Scorecards and the way they immediately let us know which drivers need coaching for various behaviors have been invaluable. It’s really helped improve safe driving practices.”

“Your DVIR and IFTA reports have also been a big boost. They’ve been very beneficial for our compliance manager. It’s been a tremendous time saver not having to deal with all the paperwork to meet government regulations. Oh my gosh, it saves us 12 hours of paperwork. We no longer have to worry which buses crossed state lines and how many state lines they crossed.”

"It’s really helped improve safe driving practices."
-Lori Duvall, Director of Operations

The Results

Unexpected Benefits

Lori laughed as she relayed a story about how IntelliHub® was able to act as a witness for her company in a dispute with a customer. A woman had called to complain that the chauffeur who picked her up had added time to the trip ticket. When Lori’s team looked at the report, they were able to determine exactly when the driver arrived, when he put the vehicle into park, and when he left.

Smooth Implementation

Lori also spoke of how smoothly everything went on-boarding the equipment. “The lady assigned to it (Nia) was right on it.”

Quick Service

Turning to service, Lori commented, “the ease and reliability when we have issues – we get answers right away. So many times in the past it’s been a struggle. We just can’t afford to wait a week.”

Top System

Lori concluded by saying, “Forward Thinking’s solution is the best system we’ve ever worked with. With the ELD mandate approaching this December, we will have to coordinate so that the driver and vehicle are on the same page. Our drivers are just waiting for me to tell them what to do on it.”