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What Our Newly Awarded Sourcewell Contract Means for You

Better Fleet Management Procurement with Sourcewell

August 6, 2021  |  Lindsay Cagnacci 

For those working in government agencies, school districts, or nonprofit organizations, the purchasing process can seem very intimidating, especially with required rules like the RFP process that can cause frustration along with other potential concerns. Sourcewell utilizes a system called cooperative purchasing that allows members to bypass the more extensive aspects of the purchasing process. 

Because Sourcewell generates cooperative contracts that do a majority of the work ahead of time, approved vendors like us are prepared to provide our solutions to school districts, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Let’s discuss what Sourcewell is and the importance of our awarded Sourcewell contract.

What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a government agency serving as a municipal contracting agency for government, education, and non-profit agencies throughout the United States and Canada under the legislative authority established and granted by the state of Minnesota. Sourcewell is governed by a publicly elected board of directors, and all employees have the same employment status as employees of government and educational agencies. 

The primary purpose of a Sourcewell contract is to create efficiency in public procurement. Serving approximately 50,000 public agencies, Sourcewell competitively solicits and awards cooperative contracts on behalf of their members' procurement needs, ranging from food, to office supplies, to heavy equipment for construction services and more. Since Sourcewell has already fulfilled the RFP process, participating agencies can access the contract without the difficulty of going through their own RFP process. Remember, purchasing using Sourcewell means satisfying the competitive solicitation requirements, not skipping them.  

A Sourcewell contract creates a pathway between the buyer and the supplier which offers both time and financial savings. By combining the purchasing power of many agencies into one large cooperative group, purchasing becomes easier, better, and more affordable. Sourcewell guarantees its members the best-value solution for superior products and services all under a fixed price.

Value of Our Partnership

Forward Thinking Systems, a leader in innovative fleet management and tracking solutions, has been awarded a cooperative purchasing government contract in the fleet and asset tracking solutions category at Sourcewell. 

Our partnership and contract with Sourcewell allows member agencies to utilize our government fleet management, tracking, and video telematics solutions without the traditional slow-moving and high-priced request for proposal process. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, participating agencies save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000 organizations while satisfying competitive solicitation requirements.

"The product offering and technology provided by FTS offers Sourcewell members a great set of innovative solutions for fleet management, safety, and telematics.” - Dan Seidl, Sourcewell Supplier Development Administrator 

Our company provides a large variety of solutions to help fleet managers run a more efficient business such as GPS tracking, dispatching, maintenance logs and reminders, route optimization, as well as fleet cameras with in-cab alerts and an integrated coaching system, to name a few. By partnering with Sourcewell, we have created the most efficient route to procurement of these fleet technologies, without the extra expenses and setbacks you don’t need. With Sourcewell, there are no more delays- all of the hard work has already been done.

What Does This Mean for You?

For a fleet manager of a large organization, taking advantage of our partnership with Sourcewell will mean saving you time and money, as well as being able to choose the products you need all while avoiding the unpleasant experiences of low-bid, low-quality awards. 

There is tremendous value in becoming a Sourcewell member, and it is at no cost or obligation. Becoming a member means you can choose from more than 300 contracts, or you can customize a contract to fit your needs. You will get your choice of products, services, and equipment from hundreds of reputable vendors offering high quality solutions. Membership also justifies your contract purchasing decision by establishing a legal paper trail between Sourcewell and the Member agency.

Streamline the contracting processes and maximize efficiencies by becoming a Sourcewell member. If your organization falls under the category of education, government, or nonprofit and you are interested in joining Sourcewell, submit your online application today to apply for a membership. 

We are excited about our partnership with Sourewell and all it has to offer participating members. Learn more about Sourcewell and its contract with Forward Thinking Systems here.

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