New Alert: Expected at Location

July 13, 2018

Many of our customers use alerts to receive a notification when a vehicle arrives at a specific location. But what if you need to know when a vehicle doesn't arrive at a location? Now, you can use the new “Expected at Location” alert.

The alert works exactly like you'd expect. When a vehicle doesn't arrive at a specific location at a specific time, a notification is sent to whomever you choose. It's basically the opposite of a Location Arrival alert.

Receive a text message when an important shipment is late, or receive an email when an employee doesn't arrive at a job site on time - just a couple of its many uses. You can even add your customer's phone number or email address if you want them to be notified as well.

How it works

  1. Choose a location (only one per alert).
  2. Choose which days of the week the vehicle should arrive at the location.
  3. Choose the time window during which the vehicle should arrive at the location.
  4. Specify recipients and vehicles — just like all other alerts.
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