We're a group of programmers, engineers, and designers who love creating remarkable products.

Your fleet business matters.

Forward Thinking runs on customer satisfaction. Yes, every company makes a similar claim, but how many have a room full of people on call 24/7 whenever you need help? Our team work ethic and commitment to our customers is why our fleet software is so good and why our customers are so happy.

We learn from our customers.

Our fleet solutions are better because we pay attention when users suggest new features for their commercial fleets. Forward Thinking is full of smart, insightful people who create tools that solve your problems every day. We take pride in listening to the needs of our drivers and managers who work in the field. Fleet customer feedback is a crucial part of the process of making the best solution for commercial fleets.

We build things.

We love building things, especially things that have a practical use. We're a group of technology-tinkerers who, as children, took things apart and put them back together. Now, as engineers, developers, and technicians, we build useful tools to help your fleet become more efficient, safer, and more profitable.

Timely Support

We strive to solve every support ticket as quickly as possible. Our USA-based support team is made of proactive and skilled people who address every issue with speed and competence.

Innovative Ideas

We live on the “bleeding edge” of technology, where experimentation and risk are actively sought out. Innovation happens outside of comfort zones. We know this, and that’s why we will never stop innovating.

Advanced Technology

Our developers create solutions for real people who use those solutions, test them, push them to their limits, and offer suggestions to make them even better. Our products don’t stop moving forward because our customers don’t stop moving forward.

Clear Communication

Open communication is extremely important to a fast moving tech company. We don’t let bureaucracy and fake barriers stop us from speaking openly and getting things done. Ideas are always judged on their merits, no matter where they come from.
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Leadership Team

David Isler


Stuart Lowenstein


Aaron Slonim


Gyro Clorfene

VP of Design

Paul Lipiec

VP of Product Engineering

Jeremy Mancini

VP of Sales

Jose Maldonado

VP of IT Infrastructure

Maija Hurst

VP of Marketing

Steve Spence

Director of Operations

Laura Nedelcu

Director of Human Resources & Compliance

Gil Peters

Director of Government Sales

Kevin Campbell

Director of Channel Sales

Albert Fazio

Quality Assurance Manager

Nia Starke

Onboarding Manager

Alfred Alvarez

Senior Business Development Manager

Darren Dillon

Technical Support Manager

Our companions

The Forward Thinking Systems team wouldn’t be complete without our furry friends. Scroll through to meet our pets, learn more about their backgrounds, and see what makes them such a special part of our families.

  • Kate's Zara
    AKA: Zarson
    Zara joined the family after being spotted on the internet (no pun intended). She doesn’t listen, can’t catch a thing, and has become Kate’s best friend. Her greatest talent is utilizing her built-in camouflage for rousing games of hide-and-seek. She knows exactly when Kate needs some extra puppy love to help her get through stressful times, like pandemics and exams. Zara secretly dreams of being a clown; she would totally rock the makeup.
  • Shaina’s Finn
    AKA: Mums, Lovey
    Finn was found wandering along a riverbank with her brother. The two were named “Huck” and “Finn” and the names stuck. Shaina adopted Finn from Double Dog Rescue and quickly found out that this pup was a very special pup indeed. Finn understands English, Hebrew and Spanish, loves to go camping and nest out in flowerbeds, and never misses an opportunity to trip athletes (sorry Jacob deGrom). Finn has proven herself to be a loving, sweet and protective dog who has stolen Shaina’s heart.
  • Albert’s Leonidas
    AKA: Leo, LeeLee
    Rescued from the Lakeland SPCA and named after the Spartan warrior king known for leading Greek forces into the Battle of Thermopylae (ever seen the movie 300?) this darling wannabe-lapdog will do everything he can to defend his space on the couch. Leo is a lovable, lazy pup whose main superpower consists of catching food with laser precision. In his previous life, his last words were clearly “Hey guys, watch this!” Now, he spends his time trying, unsuccessfully, to get his dog bed to fit under his family’s bed.
  • Albert’s Ickis
    AKA: Icky, Captain Portly
    Found at the Winter Haven SPCA, this little kit was the only friendly cat in the shelter. His begging for pets landed him a home, where his hunting skills reign supreme. Anything that crosses the threshold has signed its own death warrant. When he’s not terrorizing small critters, Ickis is likely sticking his head in the shower to see what’s going on. He’s also a world-class food thief who can take what he wants before you even know he’s there. It’s best he’s a cat; if he were a human, he’d be in jail. Probably for murder.
  • Albert’s Stitch
    AKA: Stitchy, Stitches, Fats McGee, Lt. Fats
    This little guy was found hiding under a shed before becoming a part of the family. He tried to run away but decided to jump into a bucket instead. His impulsive decision brought him to a full house where he’s thriving. This crazy kitten is either climbing up door frames or luring you into couch cuddles for hours at a time – there’s no in-between with him. The pickiest eater of the house, Stitch will only eat his dry cat food. Help the poor fool who tries to give him something else.
  • Albert’s Axelle
    AKA: Axy, Stretch
    Axelle was named after the car part she was found by: Albert spotted her hiding out on top of his car’s rear axle. Turns out she was a little stowaway who survived a trip across central Florida; managing to hang on down the highway before another driver spotted her and alerted Albert. Now that’s she’s settled in, this demanding little warrior ninja studied the great escape artists of our time to master her craft; only appearing to steal food or pets. A terror to her brothers. An angel to her pet parents. Axelle rules the house.
  • Peter’s Hades
    When a friend’s cat had kittens, Peter couldn’t resist the little guy. He was the runt of the litter and was being bullied by his sisters. Time changes things though; and he’s grown into a strapping cat. He likes to strut around the place talking for no apparent reason. His favorite place to rant is the bathroom, preferably when there’s an audience. At least he lets them sleep. While Peter is sure the cat is the God of the Underworld on vacation, he couldn’t imagine his life without the little hellion.
  • Peter’s Pandora
    While hanging out with friends at a park one night, a small, friendly kitten approached Peter’s group. He was already looking for a companion for his other cat, so it was clear this kitty had to come home with him. Pandora is the quiet type, until she wants something. Especially attention. Oh gosh does she want your attention! She is the overly-attached-girlfriend meme in cat form and takes her job very seriously. When she’s not demanding belly rubs, she’s pretending the floor is lava.
  • Jack’s Bober
    AKA: Boberovsky
    Named after a polish meme involving a beaver, this little ball of glorious fluff captured Jack’s heart the moment he saw him in the store window. Bober now spends his days eating and reminding Jack how hungry he still is. He does so by grabbing his bowl and smashing it into the bars of his cage; trying to incite a prison riot with each swing. Bober idolizes Gordon Ramsay. He wants to be just like him.
  • Nia’s Hazel Bella
    AKA: Bella
    Bella was adopted from a rescue organization after her soft eyes pulled the family in. Meeting her for the first time during the adoption process is one of the best memories Nia has. The sweet face hides some mischief though; Bella is as greedy as she is playful. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. It’s likely she spent her previous life galloping through fields as a horse. Her legs might be shorter now, but she doesn’t let that slow her down.
  • Anthony’s Chewbacca
    AKA: Chewie, Chewnami, Dum-E, Fuzz Nugget, AOC (Agent of Chaos)
    Living his life as Kramer from Seinfeld would, this lovable ball of destructive wonder provides all the entertainment Anthony’s family could need. Chewie is filled with an endless supply of energy and joy. Sure, he’s ruined expensive keepsakes, shredded important documents, and destroyed irreplaceable heirlooms, but look at that face! How could you stay mad? There’s nothing Chewbacca loves more than jeep rides with the top off and finding new kinds of chaos to unleash. It’s what makes him happy.
  • Crystal’s Shenzi
    Crystal took Shenzi in after her previous owners had to rehome her. Named after one of the hyenas from the Lion King, this mischievous little pooch spends her days loving and protecting her new family. Her passion revolves around digging up the yard (to dig is to live!) despite pleas for her to stop. Shenzi is as sweet as she is cute. She’s also surprisingly picky about playtime: she will only play catch inside the house – not outside. Outside is only for walks and digging.
  • Alf’s Kiki
    Kiki was introduced to the family after Alf’s wife’s coworker asked for help finding a home for the tortoise-shelled kitty. This lovable ball of fluff would much rather be napping than doing pretty much anything else, but when it’s time to go; she’s ready. She and her brother Max excel at hunting and live for the chase. Together, they are masters at stalking and trapping their prey; showing the natural world that just because they eat out of a bowl doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how to use their claws.
  • Alf’s Max
    Max came into Alf’s household after being spotted at the pound. This territorial, yet affectionate cat lounges about the house most days; saving his energy for the hunt. There is nothing this cat loves more than a good chase. He and his sister are skilled stalkers – taking full advantage of their species’ evolution to home in on their prey and attack with little mercy. No mouse, bug, or ball of lint stand a chance against these marvelous predators.
  • Reed’s Liberty
    AKA: Lib, Libby, Liberty Bell, Princess
    Liberty came into Reed’s life when a family friend needed to rehome this sassy little pooch. Known for being a bit stubborn and argumentative, Liberty is not one to sit quietly on the sidelines if she thinks something needs attention. Embracing her nickname, this princess lets you know she’s thirsty by putting her paw into the empty metal bowl and shaking it. She loves to bark at all her doggie subjects – and expects to be born back into the royal bloodline once it’s all said and done.
  • Ashley’s Sammy
    AKA: Ham Sam, Hammer, Flop-adore, Tuggy McTugtug
    This stubby lump of cuddles was rescued off the streets before being adopted and quickly adapting to his new life of leisure. Sammy’s talents include guarding the house from the mailman, spreading out far enough to take over a king-size bed, and farting himself awake during naps. He doesn’t see anything wrong in sitting on top of someone when he needs a sung. He’s happy to have a conversation with you if you’re nice enough to ask him about his day.
  • Ashley’s Lola
    AKA: Mischief, Stubs, Dumpling, Tip-Tap
    This stocky pup rules the house. Rescued when she was just a pup, Lola has spent years training her pet parents to make sure they understand just what she wants them to do. Playful, intelligent and randomly affectionate, Lola will sometimes howl along to songs on the radio. Her favorite hobbies include swimming, digging up the garden, and sitting uncomfortably close to people while they eat. There’s no such thing as strangers to Lola; they’re just friends she hasn’t made yet.
  • Ashley’s Mr. Business
    AKA: Busy, Panther, Monster, Little Guy
    Mr. Business was picked out of a box of kittens that were found in a barn and brought home as a wedding present. He was so tiny he fit into Ashley’s palms. This brilliant, bold and mischievous kitten has often used his talents for evil –opening doors and cabinets, stealing food right off dinner plates, and randomly pouncing on people while they’re trying to walk in the dark. He loves to run and play; his favorite time to do so is early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.
  • Ashley’s Rayla
    AKA: Ray-la-Sunshine, Chubs, Cuddle Kit, Sugar Baby
    Rayla was adopted from the Lakeland SPCA after she crawled into Ashley’s arms and started purring. This cuddly force of affection is downright demanding when she wants the pets. She shoves anything in-hand aside and flops down in the middle of whatever lap is available, expecting nothing less than all your love. Her favorite place to sleep at night is on top of heads or in the nook of necks. One of the warmest, most laid-back cats around – Rayla is maybe two steps away from being considered a dog.
  • Darren’s Rocky
    AKA: The Rock, Little Square
    Rocky was once just a piece of limestone that was attached to a 300-year-old mansion’s roofing ridge tile in Great Barrington, UK. Thanks to a chance act of reckless vandalism though, this little square of love escaped with Darren. Rocky quickly became one of his closest friends and confidants. Their favorite things to do together include day trips and impressing folks with Rocky’s collection of tricks – like falling off things and playing dead. Rocky wants to be president someday and Darren supports his dream.