GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Real-time GPS fleet tracking solution for fleet vehicles and assets.

Capture your fleet vehicles' true movement, driving behavior, and significant events with live GPS fleet tracking.

Get updates every 1 minute, 1 mile, and 30-degree turn of the steering wheel.

GPS tracking

Track the location of everything in your fleet, including cars, trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, and ancillary equipment.

Track Vehicle Speed

Monitor vehicle speed and receive real-time alerts when drivers exceed the posted speed limit.

ECM Connection

Our fleet tracking devices connect directly to the vehicle's ECM, allowing you to pull accurate odometer mileage in real-time along with vehicle health and diagnostics.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Improve driver safety and habits by monitoring harsh acceleration and braking, excessive idling, and speeding.

See all your assets, instantly

Get the “big picture” in a single glance. The IntelliHub® dashboard shows you moment-to-moment location. View activity data for every vehicle and asset in your fleet. Organized to be rich in detail and not overwhelming. When you want to know more about a particular truck, simply click on it. You'll jump right to where it is now, see who is in it, how fast it's driving, and lots of other useful live activity data.

Look back in time with full activity history.

Your vehicle's history is never lost. With an active subscription, every moment of activity is captured and made available to you with a rich breadcrumb trail, a movement graph, HOS (Hours of Service) records, and a “route playback” feature that even works in Google Street View. This gives our customers unprecedented access to the movement and efficiency of their drivers and fleet vehicles. Active customers enjoy no data storage limits, so if it happened, they can see it—even years later.

*Please note that in rare circumstances data loss may occur as a result of circumstances outside of our control.
Vehicle Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet Tracking

Our fleet tracking devices offer a direct connection to the vehicle's ECM, allowing you to track vehicle locations as well as pull engine diagnostic information and accurate odometer mileage in real-time.

Shipping Container

Trailer & Asset Location Tracking

Use our real-time GPS asset tracking devices to track the location of everything in your fleet, including trailers, heavy machinery, and ancillary equipment like generators and compressors.

Smartphone Fleet Solutions

Track the Location of Tablets & Smartphones

Field Warrior®, the app for your mobile workforce, includes real-time fleet tracking software and installs on your drivers' existing phones and tablets or rugged Garmin devices.

Vehicle Tracking

More than just vehicle location tracking

Real-time GPS fleet tracking and management isn't just about knowing where your trucks and vehicles are and where they're headed. You can also monitor driver behavior, reduce theft and unauthorized usage, implement maintenance alerts, and improve customer service with accurate ETAs.

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Track and improve driver behavior

Monitor poor driving behavior like harsh acceleration/braking, excessive vehicle idling, and speeding. This information and more is displayed on your Driver Scorecards. Driver performance is standardized on an easy-to-understand scale of 0-10 so can easily keep tabs on your entire fleet.

More about tracking driver behavior.

Reduce theft, shrinkage, and unauthorized driving

GPS fleet tracking systems for trucks, fleet vehicles, trailers, and assets allows you to quickly locate missing or stolen vehicles and reduce the risk of shrinkage. You can also receive alerts when your driver's enter unauthorized areas or drive a vehicle outside the normal hours of operation.

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GPS Tracking Hardware Options

With FTS, fleet managers can select from numerous GPS tracking solutions tailored to your business' needs.

We offer multiple tracker options from plug-in, hardwired, solar, and more.

Plugin & Hardwired GPS Trackers

Plug-in trackers for fleet vehicles connect directly to the vehicle's electronic control module (ECM) through the OBDII or JBUS 1939/1708 ports, to yield the richest activity data possible.

Hardwired trackers can be installed when there isn't an available ECM connection, or when a more permanent connection is needed.

Solar & Rechargeable GPS Trackers

Our battery-powered trackers don't require a hardwired installation and the battery will last about seven years.

These trackers update you with their location once per day to conserve power.

Tablets & Smartphones

Keep track of your Android tablets and smartphones wherever they are. This is a great way to track the location of employees in the field instead of just vehicle location.

Workforce automation is a growing part of daily operations and devices can often “vanish.” Better to keep an eye on them than to replace them.

Long-Lasting Battery GPS Trackers

These trackers are not rechargeable, but they last for many years. They're best suited for tracking cargo and equipment that stay in the field for weeks or months at a time.

They'll update you with their location once per day to conserve power, and will last for about 7 years of continuous use.

Simplifying Fleet Management

Our fleet management software is specifically designed to help fleet managers simplify and improve their day-to-day operations. Whether you're in need of GPS tracking devices, a fleet tracking system, a vehicle maintenance organizer, route planning, or driver data, we've got you covered.

Our fleet management solutions are tailored to your business' needs, not the other way around. So if you're looking to lower fuel costs, implement a vehicle tracking solution, or simply improve fleet efficiency, go with FTS -the best GPS tracking system and fleet management solution on the market.

If you've got a unique problem. Let us know.

Problem-solving is our specialty and we're always adding new features that specifically address real issues from real clients.

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