Field Warrior

Mobile Workforce Management App

Field service automation on Android and approved Garmin devices. Field Warrior® does real-time GPS tracking, electronic logbooks, digital DVIRs, dispatching, navigation, and more.

Simple. Powerful. All-in-one.

With E-Logs, Commercial Navigation, Dispatching, Messaging, and more, Field Warrior® is the ultimate mobile workforce management app for workforce automation.
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Field Warrior® captures your drivers’ vehicle location and activity information, and transmits the data to our servers for you to monitor in real-time.
ELD Rule Compliant
Field Warrior® ELD is fully compliant with the ELD Rule and registered with the FMCSA as an approved ELD. We make maintaining compliant driver logs easier than ever.
Commercial Navigation
Turn-by-turn commercial navigation keeps your drivers only on roads suitable for their vehicles (size, weight, hazardous materials, etc.).
Driver ID & Behavior
Events like speeding, excessive idling, and harsh braking/accelerating are monitored by an ECM connected GPS tracker, then paired with each driver’s unique ID. Then all the information is displayed in the IntelliHub® Driver Scorecard to help you identify bad driving behavior.
Dispatched Stops
Drivers receive scheduled stops along with all relevant details within the app. When a stop is selected, Field Warrior® guides them with turn-by-turn navigation and keeps you informed with real-time status updates.
Custom Digital Forms
Go paperless by utilizing custom digital forms for proof-of-delivery, driver inspections, and more for real-time automated reports and audits.
Timecard Verification
Identify when and where your employees clock-in and out. You’ll have an accurate depiction of the hours your employees are working, while eliminating paperwork and costly mistakes.
2-Way Messaging
Improve your communication process with quick 2-way messaging that automatically stores all conversations for future reference.
Signature & Image Capture
With Field Warrior®, your drivers can include customer signatures on digital forms, and capture photos with their phone or tablet – yet another way of connecting dispatchers to the field.

Consolidate Tools

Field Warrior® combines GPS tracking, electronic logbooks, dispatch, navigation, digital forms, signature captures, and more – into a single easy-to-use app. The app can run on your drivers’ existing devices or on special ruggedized devices. Field Warrior® improves communication, enhances customer service, and helps your fleet run smoother and more efficiently.

Mobile Device Tracking

Unlike typical GPS tracking, mobile device tracking gives you the opportunity to track people as well as vehicles. Tablets and smartphones equipped with Field Warrior® can be tracked even when their owners are in the field performing work outside of a vehicle. This is especially useful when making deliveries, working on construction sites, and any other “on the go” situations.


FMCSA-Approved Electronic Logging Device on Android and Garmin

Field Warrior® ELD is an electronic logbook app that helps you maintain a compliant fleet with flexible ELD rule-sets, auto-switching duty statuses, digital DVIRs, and more.

Bring Your Own Device

Our BYOD platform lets you manage owner-operator logbooks without providing expensive equipment to non-company owned assets and drivers.


Our ELDs connect securely and reliably to the vehicle with a physical connection that also powers the ELD and keeps it fully charged.

Violation Warnings

Real-time HOS violation warnings keep your drivers informed and compliant – reducing tickets and eliminating failed audits.

Auto Switching Duty Status

When the vehicle starts moving, the ELD automatically switches the status to Driving. And when the vehicle stops, the status switches back to On Duty.

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