Fleet Maintenance Tracking

Fleet vehicle maintenance tracking with DVIR automation, alerts, and more.

Maintenance reminders and DVIR automation will make sure that each vehicle gets the attention it needs on a regular basis. With fleet maintenance tracking software, you will lower your overall cost per mile and keep your vehicles running efficiently for longer.

Alerts & Reminders

Receive texts or emails when vehicles have an issue or are simply due for maintenance.

Expense Tracking

Track time and cost associated with all maintenance and repairs.

Digital DVIRs

Set up a dependable maintenance workflow with paperless DVIRs.

Historical Logs

Access your entire fleet’s maintenance records and export via spreadsheet or PDF.

Maintenance Icons

Dependable vehicle maintenance tracker through automation and digital records.

With features like digital manifests, batch Our fleet maintenance tracking system makes it easy to keep track of maintenance events, stay on top of routine maintenance, and manage expenses for your entire fleet.
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Digital DVIRs with instant notification of logged issues

Digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports allow your drivers to submit timed pre and post trip inspections without the hassle of manual paperwork. Our paperless format gives you real-time alerts and pictures of defects from the driver’s device. The DVIRs are also automatically timed so you can be sure your drivers are thorough.

More about electronic DVIRs.

Reminders for preventative and routine maintenance

Keep your vehicles running efficiently with reminders for preventative fleet vehicle maintenance, inspections, service, and registration renewals. Choose from default categories like battery swaps, oil changes, and tune-ups - or create your own. You can also customize any reminder to trigger based on time, mileage, or engine hours.


Up to 40% better MPG

Fixing a serious fleet vehicle maintenance problem can improve MPG by as much as 40%. You can’t afford not to implement a dependable maintenance workflow.


Repair vehicles in a timely manner

Less downtime for vehicles will help you maximize profits. Hold your maintenance personnel accountable with a digital maintenance workflow and ensure deadlines are met.


Extend the life of your vehicles

Automatic reminders for routine fleet vehicle maintenance help make sure you keep your vehicles running efficiently for longer.


Avoid wasting time on needless repairs

Fleet vehicle maintenance alerts and notifications make sure vehicles are well maintained, preventing avoidable wear and tear that leads to the loss of workable man hours.

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Automatic alerts when a check engine light comes on

With a direct connection to the vehicle’s ECM, we’re able to capture real-time data like odometer mileage and diagnostic trouble codes. Automatic alerts let you know when the check engine light comes on, and our database of diagnostic codes means you’ll also receive a description of exactly what the issue is.

More about alerts and notifications.

Know how much you’re spending and make sure it’s not going to waste

Discover which vehicles are the most expensive to maintain and the types of maintenance performed most often with detailed category spend reports. All records are graphed per vehicle and allow for monthly and yearly cost analysis.

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