Major network carriers across North America are shutting down 3G cellular services. 
Is your fleet ready?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Avoid service disruptions. 
Upgrade your old telematics devices and connect to a faster, more reliable network.

Avoid service disruptions.
 Upgrade your equipment now to avoid the 3G network sunsets.

Many providers are retiring 3G networks by 2022 in favor of 4G LTE and 5G networks. Transition with little disruption by making the switch before network carriers do.

Why Upgrade Your Devices?

Better network coverage
Reliable data connection
Faster data speeds
More hardware options
More reliable connection
Low latency
3G Today
Year Introduced
Average Speed
2 mbps
Very Limited data connection
Outdated Technology
Very Slow Data Speeds
Limited Hardware
Noticeable Latency
4G/M1 Today
Year Introduced
Average Speed
25 mbps
Reliable data connection
Better network coverage
Faster Data Speeds
More hardware options
Low Latency
Year Introduced
MIMO, mm Waves
Average Speed
200-400 mbps
Very Reliable data connection
Very Good Coverage
Ultra Fast Data Speeds
Future Proof Hardware
Near No Latency

The 3G network shutdown coming.

Upgrade your fleet telematics devices or hit roadblocks.
5G network roll-outs have begun, which means providers are looking to free up bandwidth. To do so, carriers are sunsetting the 3G network.
Don’t wait till the last minute to upgrade your equipment.
Start the process now. There will be a lot of companies upgrading all at the same time. And this will likely cause a strain on equipment availability, shipping delays, and installer availability. We can help you with selecting the right carrier and the right solution. The process is quick and easy.
3G Network
Shutdown Timeline
United States of America
Verizon Wireless – Indefinite:
Announced in January 2021 that they were delaying 3G shutdown until prepared
AT&T (includes Cricket Wireless)
February 2022
T-Mobile US (Includes Sprint)
Reported 3G shutdown as on or around July 1, 2022
GCI Wireless (Operates only in Alaska)
No information on 3G shutdown
Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
Liberty Latin America (formally AT&T)
No information on 3G shutdown
No information on 3G shutdown
T-Mobile (includes previous Sprint network, includes Metro by T-Mobile)
Reported as or around Jan 1, 2022
Viya (formerly Innovative VI)
No information on 3G shutdown
Rogers (includes Fido and Chatr)
after March 31, 2021
CCI Wireless
No information on date
No information on date
Ice Wireless
No information
will keep 3G operational until further notice
June 30, 2021
Telus (includes Koodo and Public Mobile)
December 31, 2025
Bell (includes MTS and Virgin Mobile)
Shut down 3G network April 30, 2019
Freedom Mobile (Includes Shaw Mobile)
No information
No information
3G shutdown completed July 5, 2017
No information on shutdown
switched off 2G in Jan 2021, no word on 3G
AT&T Mexico (includes Unefon)
Early 2022
*Please email us if your company is listed and you would like to update any information. ([email protected])

Plan for the 3G network shutdown now and avoid service disruptions.

Don’t let the 3G sunset disrupt your business. 
Strengthen your connection and improve your operation with 4G LTE services before network carriers flip the switch.
Prevent the 3G shutdown from affecting your fleet operation.
  • Check with your telematics provider to see if your fleet has 3G or 4G LTE devices installed in vehicles.
  • If you are still relying on 3G devices, determine how many devices need to be upgraded.
  • Plan out the switch by scheduling out times to pull vehicles off the road for equipment upgrade installations and any additional training that might be needed to use the new equipment.
  • If your current provider doesn’t offer 4G LTE connectivity, consider using the opportunity to switch to a new telematics provider who does.
  • See how you can leverage this opportunity to better automate your operations.
  • Consider video telematics for added visibility and preventive safety measures instead of just gps tracking
Unhappy with your current telematics provider?
Then make the switch to a better solution provider when you upgrade your equipment.
Have you considered switching telematics providers? 
You can use this 3G network shutdown as an opportunity to upgrade. 
Ask yourself these questions:

Question 1

Does your system easily integrate with other systems to store and analyze data in ways that make sense to you and help you make decisions?

Question 2

Does your current system regularly evolve to meet new standards and overcome new challenges in the fleet logistics industry?

Question 3

Does your current telematics provider provide exceptional customer service and technical support or is it challenging to get help when you need it?

If you’re answer was “NO” to at least one of these questions,
then it might be time to switch telematics providers regardless of your 3G status.

Think ahead and move forward with ease.

Turn to FTS for a smooth transition from 3G to 4G LTE.

Forward Thinking Systems offers exceptional fleet tracking and management solutions that evolve with emerging technology so you can easily expand services as needed. All our equipment is selected with longevity and scalability in mind to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Have you considered video telematics?

Video is the future of fleet telematics. Videos add a new layer of visibility, accountability, and safety to your operation.

These video solutions provide you with the same telematics tools you use now while giving you a whole new level of data to use when making decisions.

A video telematics solution could be exactly what your company needs to take your operation to the next level. If you’re already upgrading your system, this is the perfect time invest in a modern solution that enhances operational safety and reliability in ways a standard fleet telematics solution can’t.

Let us set you up with the right system.

Our experts are here to connect you with the right technology for your fleet. Contact us when you are ready to make the switch to a faster, more reliable network and a more efficient fleet telematics provider.