Electronic DVIRs

FMCSA-compliant electronic DVIRs for pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

Complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) digitally with Field Warrior® for Android and approved Garmin devices. It’s quick, simple, and FMCSA compliant.

a dvir is displayed on a laptop with a fleet vehicle in front
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Save time with digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

Our digital DVIR solution allows your drivers to easily highlight vehicle issues with comments and pictures from their existing smartphone or tablet.

Instant Defect Alerts

Automated defect notifications let you know (in real-time) when a driver notes a defect on the DVIR.

Paperless Logging

Cut all the manual paperwork out of your DVIRs and make reports instantly available for resolution.

Pictures of Defects

Drivers can utilize their device’s camera to easily add photos of damaged loads or defects to the DVIR.

a screenshot of the DVIR on an android cell phone

DVIR Duration Check

The DVIR forms are timed so you can be sure drivers are being thorough during pre and post trip inspections.

Seamless Resolutions

Every DVIR is automatically and instantly synced between the driver app and IntelliHub®, our web portal for administrators.

Driver Comments

Drivers can add comments to any line item or issue as well as general comments regarding the entire DVIR.

A seamless DVIR workflow.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are a useful way to ensure your fleet is in good working order, but they can be time consuming. Not anymore. We make keeping track of every report and their associated maintenance quick and simple.

Our customizable DVIR forms allow drivers to mark vehicle problems with photos and annotations. And each report is automatically linked to a maintenance request record in our system. Once the vehicle is serviced, the driver is notified and asked to confirm that the issue has been resolved, creating a seamless and dependable maintenance workflow.

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Fast. Simple. Effective.

Our digital DVIR solution gives you a seamless maintenance workflow that simplifies inspections, improves compliance, and reduces the risk of fines.

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Quick and painless inspections

Your drivers conduct pre and post-trip inspections from their mobile device with our app, Field Warrior®. It’s as simple as scrolling through the customizable checklist and marking items as okay or defective. Completed inspections that contain defects are automatically sent to your maintenance personnel for further action.

Smoother maintenance workflow

Defects are automatically logged and stored in IntelliHub®, making it easier to manage and track repairs. Automated alerts let you and your maintenance personnel know when drivers flag issues during pre and post-trip inspections. And when a defect is resolved, your driver will be prompted to confirm during the vehicle’s next inspection. This seamless resolution workflow helps ensure your vehicles are not only being fixed, but that they’re being fixed in a timely manner.

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Improve compliance and reduce fines

The FMCSA requires that original copies of driver vehicle inspection reports and associated certifications of repairs are saved for at least 3 months. That can quickly become overwhelming with a paper-format. Our digital DVIR solution stores every inspection report for you to access anytime. Drivers can also view the most recent reports from their app.