Fleet Dispatching Software

Easy-to-use fleet dispatching software with real-time updates.

Connect drivers and dispatchers to increase speed of delivery, remove confusion, and provide managers with real-time field data.

Simple, Efficient, Scalable Transportation Dispatching

With features like digital manifests, batch uploading, and route optimization, our easy to use dispatching software is perfect for even the most highly mobile work forces.

Digital Manifests

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your business' dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver’s device with all the information needed to complete them.

Digital Proof of Delivery

With immediate access to PODs and other forms, you’ll never wait on status updates or data from the field, and you’ll prevent important information from getting lost.

Signature & Image Capture

With Field Warrior®, your drivers on the job can include customer signatures on digital forms, and capture photos with their phone or tablet – yet another way of connecting dispatchers to the field.

Commercial Navigation

Drivers can be guided to each stop with turn-by-turn commercial navigation if you need to consider vehicle and road restrictions. No more drivers stuck in low underpasses or fines for using prohibited roads!

Batch Uploads & Integrations

IntelliHub® offers a quick and easy way to create stops and dispatch them to your drivers, but it’ll also accept stops uploaded via FTP and Web Service Integration.

Route Optimization

Automatically optimize your routes into the most efficient order of stops with Route Matrix®. You’ll plan routes in seconds instead of hours, reduce travel time for your drivers, and save a lot fuel.

How digital dispatching with IntelliHub® works.

Schedule Stops

Stops are scheduled by dispatchers or fleet managers within our web-based portal, IntelliHub®. You can send individual stops on the fly or build entire routes in advance so the driver’s manifest is available on the in-cab device immediately upon login.

Receive Stops

Field Warrior® (our mobile app for drivers) receives the scheduled stops along with all relevant details, and prompts the driver to start completing stops in the proper order. At this time, IntelliHub® receives notification that the stop has been Received by Driver.

Route Navigation

When a stop is selected, Field Warrior® guides the driver with turn-by-turn navigation. If you need to consider vehicle and road restrictions, our unique partnerships with Garmin and CoPilot integrate commercial turn-by-turn navigation directly within Field Warrior®.

Real-time Updates

Throughout the life of a stop, the dispatcher can see real-time status updates including Received by Driver, En-route, Arrived, and Completed. You’ll also have ETAs for en-route stops so you can quickly answer the age-old question, “when will your driver be here?!”

Dispatch quicker and smarter with real-time data from the field.

Make informed transportation dispatching decisions with real-time information about each vehicle’s potential readiness to be dispatched.

Search for vehicles near a location

Determining the best driver for a stop is usually time consuming. When you aren’t quite sure where your drivers are, you have to start making calls. With our real-time location tracking, you’ll find nearby drivers in seconds. Simply enter the location’s address and IntelliHub® will display a list of the closest drivers.

View pending and completed stops

The vehicle list updates the number of scheduled stops versus completed stops in real-time for every driver. With our fleet dispatching software, you’ll quickly find drivers that don’t have a full manifest for the day and assign new stops to them.

Find drivers with unused time

Dispatching software integrates seamlessly with our ELD solution, allowing you to see every driver’s HOS status and available hours in real-time. No need to cross-reference information from multiple sources. You’ll make quick dispatching decisions without worrying about HOS violations.

Save frequent destinations with custom geofences.

Saving locations and geographic areas enhances the map for later. It also proves to be invaluable for alerting, reporting, and dispatching.

Saved Locations

Save and label frequently used locations for quick digital dispatching, and to receive notifications when your vehicles arrive at or depart from these locations. Each location’s geofence can be customized by drawing a circular perimeter or a free form shape.

Geographic Areas

Geographic areas are a simple way to mark places that don’t necessarily have a fixed address, like construction sites, parking lots, cities, or states. Creating a geofence for geographic areas will let you run reports and setup alerts for these areas.