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Fleet Activity & Tracking Alerts

Fleet activity monitoring with real-time notifications by phone or email.

Manage by exception with real-time alerts triggered by important events. Receive alerts wherever you are via email or text message alerting you to excessive speed, idle time, after-hours fleet activity, and more.

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IntelliHub fleet activity and tracking alerts
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Fleet alerts that work for you,
so you don’t have to micro-manage.

Activity and tracking alerts are sent as they occur in the field so you’ll always be aware of any
situation that may arise. Reports are also available for a historical view, so notable activity is
easily documented and accessible.

Road-Level Speeding

Alerts when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit.

Vehicle Idling

Alerts when a vehicle idles for more than a specified amount of time, saving money on gas and maintenance costs.

High Speeding

Alerts when a vehicle exceeds an imposed maximum speed.

HOS Violations

Alerts if a driver is not compliant with duty status.

Tracker Unplugged

Alerts if a GPS tracker is unplugged from the vehicle.

DVIR Issues

Alerts when a driver notes a problem with a vehicle.

Activity After Hours

Alerts if a vehicle is active when it should not be active.

Low Battery

Alerts when a vehicle’s battery dips below a minimum number of volts.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Alerts whenever a vehicle’s “check engine” light turns on.

Location Arrival & Departure

Notifications when a vehicle arrives at or departs from a location.

Registration Expiration

Reminders to re-register your vehicles before the deadline.

Harsh Acceleration & Braking

Alerts when a vehicle accelerates or brakes too harshly.

Real-time speeding notifications

Monitor road-level speeding violations.

Get real-time notifications for your fleet that flag speeding, excessive idling, and harsh braking/accelerating to help you keep an eye on your drivers. Our maps know local road speeds so you’re only notified when drivers exceed the posted speed limit. But you can also set high-speed alerts if you want to know when your drivers go over 70 MPH, for example.

Make sure vehicles aren’t driven after hours.

Our After Hours Activity alert lets you know if a vehicle is active when it shouldn’t be, improving the security of your fleet. You have full control with the ability to specify different time windows for every day of the week if you’d like. You can even customize the fleet alerts for individual vehicles.

After hours activity notifications

Get activity alerts when vehicles arrive and depart from a location

Create or import an unlimited number of geofences and receive a GPS alert when a vehicle is arriving at or departing from a facility. With this information, IntelliHub gives you analytics based on a vehicle’s actual arrival and departure times versus the scheduled arrival and departure times for assigned locations. These tracking alerts make compiling vehicle and driver data simple and valuable.

Geofence activity alerts

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