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Driver Behavior Monitoring

Use a driver behavior monitoring system to improve safety and CSA scores

Fleet management is all about efficiency and safety so you can lower liability risks, observe and implement regulations, and prevent avoidable mistakes. IntelliHub® Driver Scorecards help you find opportunities to promote better driving behavior. With actionable insights into who your less-than-ideal drivers are, you can save money on fuel, maintenance, and traffic violations while improving the safety of your fleet and your business.

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Driver ScoreCard

Lower Costs

Fleet's with better drivers have lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption, and less vehicle downtime.

Reduce Liability

Good drivers are less likely to cause an accident that could drag your company into expensive liability problems.

Reward Safety

Find which drivers need to improve and celebrate those who are excelling. Encourage better driving habits with rewards for your great drivers.

Driver IDs For Easy Tracking and Accountability

Every driver has a unique ID that is easy to sync with different vehicles, providing managers with efficient operations and individual analyses of their entire team. There are multiple ways of linking a driver to a vehicle; the most popular way is a login, especially with convenient facial recognition. Using our Field Warrior® app, drivers enter their credentials and choose a vehicle. This links the driver to the vehicle for dispatching, driver behavior analysis, reports, and more.

Drivers ID
Driver Behavior Icons from mobile devices

Easily monitor driver behavior at scale with Driver Scorecards.

Information like harsh acceleration/braking, excessive vehicle idling, speeding, and more are collected and displayed on Driver Scorecards. Managers can use this data to track driver habits and incidents and improve driver awareness and accountability.

Green Driving Reports details

Green Driving Report

This report shows you a fleet-wide analysis of performance scores and negative driving incidents, to easily compare drivers to each other. It will expose the best driver in your fleet, the worst, and everyone in between. Like all reports, it’s available in PDF, Excel, and Word.

IntelliHub® Performance Score

This report shows The IntelliHub® driver scorecard includes an overall performance rating on a scale of 1-10, and individual scores for Hours of Service compliance, speeding, idling, and Harsh Accelerating / Braking. It also shows why the score is what it is by listing how many incidents happened and how many were severe. With reports that are backed with every driver’s data, you can identify individual concerns and prevent future violations, elevating the standard and performance of your entire fleet.

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