Commercial Navigation GPS Solutions

Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for commercial vehicles and semi-trucks.

Help your commercial vehicles and truck drivers avoid low underpasses and fines for using prohibited roads with dedicated truck GPS devices. Turn-by-turn commercial navigation keeps your drivers on roads suitable for their vehicle based on size, weight, and hazardous materials in tow.
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FTS GPS system - an overview of the best truck gps units

Take Safe Truck Routes

Improve driver safety with our truck route planning GPS that provides truck-legal routing to avoid low bridges, road closures, and truck-restricted roads.

Deliver on Time

Improve customer service and on-time deliveries with accurate ETAs based on real-time traffic conditions.

Lower Operating Costs

Our commercial vehicle and truck GPS navigators can help reduce mistakes- meaning fewer fines, lower fuel usage, and less time wasted on out-of-route miles.

Our truck route commercial navigation app aids driver safety with highly accurate and safe truck-legal navigation

Lane Assist

Helps commercial truck drivers safely maneuver lane changes with real road signage and lane assist guidance.

Posted Speed Limits

Posted speed limit display with audio alerts that notify drivers of speeding.

Truck-Specific POIs on Map

Millions of truck-specific POIs for everything a driver needs on the road.

Compliant Hazmat Routing

Load-specific routing for 7 variations of Hazmat categories.

Spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions

Voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names from origin to destination.

Seamless Detours

Quickly find an alternate route on the fly to get around accidents, road work, and traffic.
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Avoid Accidents with Commercial GPS

Stay on the right path with commercial navigation.

You've probably seen images of trucks ripped open by a low underpass from a bridge or tunnel. It can happen to anyone who's following traditional turn-by-turn navigation. If truck drivers are lucky, they'll realize the error before it causes too much damage. But even so, it's embarrassing and easily preventable with turn-by-turn commercial navigation.
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Avoid roads with restrictions.

Our commercial vehicle GPS navigation solution routes drivers according to their vehicle's dimensions and weight, thereby avoiding restricted roads. If a vehicle is carrying hazardous materials, the route guidance will also avoid all hazmat-prohibited roads.
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Avoid restricted roads with Commercial GPS systems

Dispatch stops to drivers.

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver's device with all the information needed to complete them. You can also use the map to quickly see which driver is closest to a location for last-minute stops. And with commercial vehicle GPS navigation, drivers can be sure they're taking safe, legal routes.
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Commercial GPS - Dispatching

Consolidate Tools with Field Warrior®

Get the “big picture” of your fleet's activity with a single glance. This IntelliHub® dashboard shows you moment-to-moment location and activity data for every asset in your fleet—at once. It is organized to be rich in detail, yet helpful and not overwhelming. When you want to know more about a particular asset, simply click on it and you'll jump right to where it is now, who is in it, how fast it's driving, and a ton of other live activity data.
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Commercial Navigation GPS Hardware

The Rugged 7”

In-Vehicle Tablet for Turn-By-Turn Commercial GPS Navigation Purpose-built with HERE Technologies, Forward Thinking Systems' navigation hardware and software work with both commercial or noncommercial fleet vehicles. With customized avoidances, voice guidance, Field Warrior® dispatch connectivity, electronic logging device, and up-to-date mapping, drivers can take smarter, more efficient routes daily.

Additionally, it easily supports an array of navigation and GPS apps that offer features like live weather alerts, live traffic and fuel prices, help in avoiding toll roads, and locating truck stops, weigh stations, and fuel stations. The Rugged 7" is perfect for fleets and professional drivers of all types. Whether your fleet consists of vans, school buses, trucks, or sedans, the Rugged 7" can do it all.
IP 67 Rated
Android 9
7" Screen, 1280x700 px
Loud Speaker
Industrial Mount
Side & Backup Camera Connectivity
OBD-II Port Plug & Play
HERE Technologies Mapping Source

Plug and play native integrations with the leaders in commercial vehicle GPS navigation systems

Custom integrations between our truck GPS commercial navigation app , CoPilot Truck and more mean your drivers don't have to worry about switching back and forth between multiple apps.
Garmin Commercial GPS device


Our available Garmin devices are made especially for truckers – they're extra bright, extra loud, and come preloaded with truck-specific route guidance. Receive dispatched stops and direct your drivers to each destination via the proper roads for their specific type of vehicle and load.
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CoPilot Truck Commercial GPS navigator for truck routing to avoid truck restrictions

CoPilot Truck

Achieve fleet-wide efficiency and consistency, by empowering your drivers with highly accurate, safe, truck-legal CoPilot Truck navigation. Routes are calculated based on vehicle profile information, routing parameters, and load type. 

Choose from default vehicle profiles or create custom profiles, then easily switch between them depending on the type of load you're carrying. CoPilot Truck also helps drivers safely maneuver lane changes with helpful highway lane guidance and much more.