Commercial Navigation

Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for commercial vehicles and trucks.

Avoid low underpasses and fines for using prohibited roads. Commercial turn-by-turn navigation keeps your drivers on roads suitable for their vehicle based on size, weight, and hazardous materials in tow.

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Take the Safe Route

Improve driver safety with truck-legal routing that avoids low bridges and truck-restricted roads.

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Deliver on Time

Improve customer service and on-time deliveries with accurate ETAs based on real-time traffic conditions.

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Lower Operating Costs

Less mistakes means fewer fines, lower fuel usage, and less time wasted on out-of-route miles.

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Stay on the right path.

You’ve probably seen images of a truck ripped open by a low underpass from a bridge or tunnel. It can happen to anyone who’s following traditional turn-by-turn navigation. If truck drivers are lucky, they’ll realize the error before it causes too much damage. But even so, it’s embarrassing and easily preventable with turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles.

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Avoid roads with restrictions.

Our commercial navigation solution routes drivers according to their vehicle’s dimensions and weight, thereby avoiding restricted roads. If a vehicle is carrying hazardous materials, the route guidance will also avoid all hazmat-prohibited roads.

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Consolidate Tools with Field Warrior®

Field Warrior® combines commercial navigation with DVIRs, dispatching, digital forms, signature captures, and more – into a single easy-to-use app. The app can run on your drivers’ existing devices or on special ruggedized devices. Field Warrior® improves communication, enhances customer service, and helps your fleet run smoother and more efficiently.

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Dispatch stops to drivers.

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver’s device with all the information needed to complete them. And with commercial navigation, drivers can be sure they're taking safe, legal routes.

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Native integrations with the leaders in commercial routing software

Custom integrations with CoPilot Truck, Garmin, and Sygic mean your drivers don't have to worry about switching back and forth between multiple apps.


Our available Garmin devices are made especially for truckers – they’re extra bright, extra loud, and come preloaded with truck-specific route guidance. Receive dispatched stops and direct your drivers to each destination via the proper roads for their specific type of vehicle and load.

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CoPilot Truck

Achieve fleet-wide efficiency and consistency, by empowering your drivers with highly accurate, safe, truck-legal CoPilot Truck navigation. Routes are calculated based on vehicle profile information, routing parameters, and load type. Choose from default vehicle profiles or create custom profiles, then easily switch between them depending on the type of load you're carrying. CoPilot Truck also helps drivers safely maneuver lane changes with helpful highway lane guidance and much more.