Commercial Navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles.

Avoid low underpasses and fines for using prohibited roads. Commercial turn-by-turn navigation keeps your drivers on roads suitable for their vehicle based on size, weight, and hazardous materials in tow.

Lane assist

Lane assist shows drivers the proper lane to be in well ahead of exits and forks in the road.

Seamless integration

Custom integrations with Sygic and Garmin give drivers an all-in-one view without needing to switch apps.

Traffic updates

Get there faster by intelligently (and automatically) routing drivers around accidents, road work, and traffic.

Stay on the right path.

You’ve probably seen images of a truck ripped open by a low underpass from a bridge or tunnel. It can happen to anyone who’s following traditional turn-by-turn navigation. If truck drivers are lucky, they’ll realize the error before it causes too much damage. But even so, it’s embarrassing and easily preventable with turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles.

Avoid roads with restrictions.

Our commercial navigation solution routes drivers according to their vehicle’s dimensions and weight, thereby avoiding restricted roads. If a vehicle is carrying hazardous materials, the route guidance will also avoid all hazmat-prohibited roads.


Native integrations with Garmin and Sygic

Custom integrations with Sygic and Garmin give your drivers an all-in-one view without needing to switch apps.


Our available Garmin devices are made especially for truckers – they’re extra bright, extra loud, and come preloaded with truck-specific route guidance. Receive dispatched stops and direct your drivers to each destination via the proper roads for their specific type of vehicle and load.

More about our Garmin integration.


Motivated by improving safety and compliance for fleets, our integration with Sygic allows Field Warrior® to suggest suitable rest areas for drivers based on their hours logged and estimated time of arrival. And it’s all displayed seamlessly alongside important vehicle and driver details.