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Route Matrix® helps you build cost-effective routes with little effort by automatically optimizing your stops into the most efficient order. You’ll save hours of planning, travel time, and a lot of fuel with our route plan software.

Automatic Fleet Route Optimization

Stops are automatically sorted into the most efficient order, taking into account distance, travel time, and a growing list of other factors.

Easy to Use

Build routes with insight in a clean, simple interface that lets you drag and drop stops around.

Visual Route Building

The interactive map on our routing planning software shows you the path that a selected route takes, as well as unassigned stops that aren’t yet on any route.

Override & Customize

Easily override the “correct” order of stops when special factors like customer preference or vehicle unloading requirements make it necessary.

Route Totals Summary

As you add stops to the route, the total distance and travel time are automatically recalculated in the fleet routing software so you’ll immediately know how the additional stop affected the route.

Accurate ETAs for Stops

Route Matrix® estimates arrival times for each stop while you build routes so you’ll know approximately when drivers will arrive before they even start driving.

Drag and drop your way to faster routes with fewer miles traveled.

Our goal is to help you build cost-effective routes for your business or organization with as little effort as possible. Route Matrix® makes route optimization and building easy with a clean, simple, and intuitive interface.
Route Optimization

Track and improve driver behavior

Our fleet routing software automatically sorts stops into a highly optimized order, taking into account distance, travel time, service, and a growing list of other factors. This optimization means you’ll waste less fuel, work-hours, and money. And because you’re operating more efficiently, your productivity will grow as if there were suddenly more hours in each day.

Customize and override optimized stops order

The most direct or efficient route isn’t always the only consideration. There may be times you want to override the “correct” order due to customer preferences, truck unloading requirements, or any number of reasons. Customizing the order of stops is as simple as dragging them into the order you want. It’s simple, user-friendly, and quick.

Customize Route Matrix
Route Summary

Add stops to quickly see their effect

As you add stops to a route, the total distance and travel time are automatically recalculated and displayed so you’ll know how the additional stop affected the route. If you change your mind you can simply click “undo”. When fleet route optimization is enabled, every new stop gets spliced into the most efficient spot on the list of stops and the trip distance between it and the surrounding stops is shown.

Visualize your route paths on an interactive map

Route Matrix® shows you all of the unassigned stops that aren’t yet on a route. While viewing a route’s path, this helps you visualize if an unassigned stop should be added to it. If you decide it does, simply drag it onto the route. Filters let you show only the most relevant unassigned stops so you don’t get bogged down with noise. For example, you could say “only show me stops that are less than 10 miles from a specific location,” or “only show me stops that have the word ‘Tire’ in their name.”

Optimization Route

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