FleetCam® 3.0

The all-in-one fleet camera system that helps improve driving habits with in-cab notifications and an integrated driver behavior coaching system.
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Fleet Dash Cameras & Vehicle Camera System

Live Stream Fleet Dash Cam

Check in on your drivers and the road around them with live streaming from up to 6 cameras at once.

Driver Behavior Videos

Short clips are automatically saved from all dash camera angles when undesired driver behavior is detected.

View Video History Remotely

Stream historical videos from the dash cams and download them to your computer without having to physically access the vehicle.

Driver Coaching System

Review and coach driver behavior events to improve performance, safety, and efficiency

Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots

Snapshot photos are captured from fleet dash cams every 5 minutes and displayed along the vehicle’s route line (breadcrumb trail), giving you an extra level insight into the vehicle’s activity.

Real-time In-Cab Alerts

In-cab audiovisual alerts wake up drivers who are falling asleep, encourage drivers to stay alert and off their cell phones, and enforce no-smoking policies.
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Use the purpose-built Garmin fleet™ 790 as a FleetCam® commercial dash cam for truckers.

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Field Warrior and FleetCam are shown on a Garmin fleet 790 navigation device

Driver Behavior and Coaching

Improve systemic behavior issues with a driver coaching system that gives you complete transparency into your fleet and makes it easy to watch and correct bad performance.

Integrated Driver Coaching System

The goal of driver coaching is not to catch drivers doing bad things. The goal is to improve the safety of your fleet. FleetCam® and its car/truck cams help you do that by giving you insight into reoccurring problems so you can fix patterns over time. Designate Driver Behavior Coaches, and use driver behavior events as a coaching tool to change behavior for the better. With total awareness of what's happening in and around your vehicles on the road, you'll have the power to inform drivers about where they can improve, and reward those who do.
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Set Coaching Status

Set an event's status to Needs Coaching, Coached, or Dismissed.

Set Severity

Set the severity of an event as Low, Medium, or High.

Add Comments

Add, edit, and delete comments about the event.

In-Cab Alerts for Drivers

Real-time in-cab alerts can save drivers’ lives and prevent accidents. The FleetCam® driver monitoring system uses a fleet dash camera and artificial intelligence to track the driver’s eye movement and behavior. And audiovisual alerts from the in-cab device will wake up drivers who are falling asleep, discourage drivers from texting while driving, and help enforce no-smoking policies. The FleetCam® in-cab alerts will also let drivers know when they’re following a vehicle too closely, accelerating too quickly, braking too harshly, and more.
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Driver Behavior Events

FleetCam® uses AI and sensors to detect unsafe driver behavior. The DMS (driver monitoring system) continuously monitors the driver, while the ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) continuously monitors the road ahead.

Driver Distracted

Driver Falling Asleep

Driver Smoking

Driver Using Cell Phone

Driving too Close

Risking Collision

Unsafe Lane Departure


Harsh Cornering

Harsh Braking

Harsh Accelerating

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Stream Live & Past Video

With remote access to everything, you can stream from your fleet camera systems in real-time or stream any moment of historical footage from storage without having to physically access the vehicle.

Stream Live

Live streaming lets you watch a vehicle’s video feed remotely in real time. You can live stream up to 6 cameras on a vehicle at the same time, and when it’s over, you can save the video for later review.
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Stream Historical

Historical streaming lets you watch all video currently in the camera’s storage without having to physically access the vehicle. It's like live streaming, but instead of watching what’s happening now, you’re watching what happened in the past.
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Storage Graph

Shows you the time range of available footage in the FleetCam® unit’s storage.

Snapshots & Address

See snapshot images from all camera angles and the vehicle’s location around the requested time.

Stream or Download

There are two methods of getting historical footage: The first is to stream it, and the second is to download it. Streaming is best when you want to start watching immediately, whereas downloading is best when you know exactly what you’re looking for and you just want to save the footage for later review.

Snapshot Images

Snapshot images are captured every 5 minutes and plotted along the vehicle’s breadcrumb trail, giving you a preview of each camera at that exact location and time. If something catches your eye while reviewing a vehicle's full activity, you can jump right to the video footage and start watching.

Driver Behavior Events

Each vehicle’s Full Activity breadcrumb trail shows driver behavior events on the map. Events like speeding, harsh accelerating/braking, and falling asleep at the wheel are all captured and displayed. Clicking on an event will display the event’s details along with an option to view the video footage.

Get a 360° degree view of your vehicles with up to 8 cameras.

Dome Cams

The dome camera is mounted inside the vehicle, typically pointed at the driver. It’s equipped with anti-vibration features that help keep the picture smooth and clear; infrared sensors that allow it to see what’s happening in total darkness; and audio is available if you also want to hear what’s happening.

Road Cams

Our new windshield-mounted road camera is compact, lightweight, and rugged. It gives you a crystal clear view of the road ahead with excellent color reproduction thanks to automatically controlled shutter speed, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more.

Side Cams

These compact, rugged cameras are mounted to the outside of the vehicle, giving you a clear view of what’s happening on both sides. They’re IP67 rated, which means they’re dust-tight and waterproof. And they’re also equipped with infrared lights for night vision up to 50 feet.

Ensure Safety on School Buses

FleetCam® is the perfect solution for schools looking to make safety a top priority. School officials can see exactly what happened when there’s a report about problematic behavior. Get the full story from multiple camera angles with audio. Automatically detect unsafe driver behavior and use the recorded video clips to coach drivers on better techniques. Verify that students have safely entered or exited the bus by triggering events when the door is opened. When it comes to kids, there is no such thing as too safe.
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Extending FleetCam® for Your Industry (PTO)

In addition to the driver behavior coaching system, FleetCam® can be configured via PTO (Power Take-off) to trigger video recordings of important events, like when a box truck’s cargo door is opened or when a tow truck hitches a vehicle, or when an emergency service vehicle turns on the siren. Whether you’re catching potential theft, proving services were completed, or something unique to your industry, FleetCam® can help ensure security and transparency for your fleet.

Tow Trucks

Trigger events when hitching vehicles.


Prove work was completed.

Waste Management

Verify garbage was collected.

Emergency Services

Verify what happened at the scene.

Street Sweepers

See when illegal parked cars were in the way.

Operate a safer, happier fleet.

Reduce Liability

Limit your liability and protect drivers from false claims with HD recordings of incidents.

Increase Driver Satisfaction

Reward drivers for safe driving habits and gain insight into tired drivers who may be better suited for a different shift.

Improve Driver Reliability

Drivers are likely to reduce bad driving habits when fleet dash cameras are installed in the vehicle.

Improve Driver Safety

In-cab feedback stops dangerous driving behavior in real-time and conditions drivers to be more cautious.
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