Watch your drivers in real-time, automatically capture clips of aggressive driving, and download historical video - all from the comfort of your office.

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Live Streaming

Check in on your drivers and the road around them with flawless live streaming from up to 4 cameras at once.

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Event-Based Recording

Short clips are automatically saved from all camera angles when aggressive driving behavior is detected.

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Historical Video

Stream historical footage and download clips to your computer without having to pull an SD card from the vehicle.

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Multiple Camera Angles

FleetCam® supports up to 4 video feeds per vehicle so you can see what's happening from multiple angles at once. The typical setup includes a dome cam facing the driver, a road cam facing the road ahead, and 2 side cams facing the left and right sides of the vehicle. But you’re not limited to this setup if your needs are different than the typical fleet. You might choose to point the dome cam at passengers, or mount a camera on the back of a box truck. It's up to you!

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Remote Access to Historical Video

Watching historical video and downloading HD clips to your computer is as easy as selecting a date and time in IntelliHub® and clicking a button. Unlike most solutions on the market, there's no need to take the vehicle off the road and pull an SD card from the equipment. But if the need ever arises, our custom app for desktops lets you easily download all historical video directly from the mobile DVR's hard drive or SD card.

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Helpful Snapshots Every 5 Minutes

FleetCam® regularly saves snapshots from every camera so you'll always have a convenient preview of specific moments in time. When you want to watch historical video or automatically captured events, snapshots save you time by showing you what was happening around that time before you start streaming. They're also displayed along a vehicle's breadcrumb trail on the map, so you can choose what moments you want to stream based on where the vehicle was located.

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Harsh Driving Clips Automatically Captured

When aggressive driving behavior is detected, FleetCam® creates a video clip of what happened before and after the event and saves it for immediate viewing in IntelliHub®. Triggers for the clips include speeding, harsh braking, harsh accelerating, and harsh turning. Clips are also automatically saved when a camera is disconnected or unexpectedly loses power, so you can see if anyone attempts to tamper with the equipment.

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The fleetcam 2.0 MDVR

Mobile Digital Video Recorder

The mobile DVR is the backbone of every FleetCam® installation. The MDVR allows you to stream and record up to 4 channels of video at once. Its rugged metal design and anti-tamper lock keep your recordings safe and secure. And advanced video compression allows for storage of over 130 hours of HD video on the main hard drive, with all of the most recent footage backed up onto an SD card.

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Protection in collisions and potential lawsuits

Conflicting reports of actual events, lack of witnesses, and false claims can set your fleet back millions of dollars when there’s an accident on the open road. Our vehicle cameras limit your liability and protect drivers from false claims, by capturing HD recordings before and after an accident. You’ll see exactly what happened and what caused it.

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