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Mobile Fleet Management App

The mobile fleet management app built for fleet managers on the go. See your entire fleet on a map with real-time updates on vehicle ignition status, current speed, scheduled stop statuses, and more.

Real-Time Data

View live updates of vehicle and driver information like current location, ignition status, driver duty status, and more.

Activity History

Look back at a vehicle’s activity to see exactly where it was and where it was going at any moment in time.

Map View

See your entire fleet at once with every vehicle and asset on a map within the mobile fleet management app. Make it your own with dozens of icon and color combinations.

Stop Status

Check the status of a vehicle’s scheduled and remaining stops for the day.

2-Way Messaging

Message your drivers from anywhere to let them know about new stops, services or maintenance needed, changes to their route, or anything else.

Find Nearby Drivers

Quickly find drivers that are closest to a location by simply dropping a pin onto the map.

iPhone with FTS Monarch

Real-time fleet management in the palm of your hand.

Ever wish you could make operational decisions while you’re away from the office? The Monarch® fleet app makes it easy to view information about your drivers, vehicles, and assets while you’re on the go.

Manage frequent locations and geofences

Fully manage (add, edit, and view) your saved locations and geofences from within the Monarch® fleet app. You can create simple geofences with a circular border, or create precise locations with custom geofence shapes. Select locations to view them on the map with the geofence and vehicles, so you can easily track who’s nearby.

Vehicle list keeps you up to speed

At a glance, see every active vehicle in your fleet with essential details like current location, ignition or fuel status, speed, and driver. All the data automatically updates at customizable intervals but you can easily force a refresh at any time with the swipe of your finger.

See the big picture with map view

Not a fan of lists? Visualize your fleet with a bird’s eye view of every active vehicle on a map. Choose from dozens of icon and color combinations to make it unique to your fleet. Tap a vehicle to see basic vehicle details without ever leaving the map view.

Vehicle detail screen for deeper insight

Tap on any vehicle to view additional details such as engine status and current address. You’ll also see the vehicle’s current speed and driver, as well as the driver’s HOS duty status and the number of scheduled stops remaining for the day.

Perfect for fleets of any size

Managing a large fleet with hundreds of vehicles? No problem. With the Monarch® mobile fleet app you can filter by facility and color, or search for specific vehicles and drivers by name. Quickly find what you’re looking for without scrolling through an endless list of vehicles.

Perfect for fleets of any size

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?