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Certified ELD Solutions

FMCSA-approved Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for Android and Garmin. They're reliable, ensure you’ll be compliant, and deliver more value than typical ELD solutions on the market.


Our ELD solutions are registered with the FMCSA as approved ELDs and they've been fully tested and certified to be compliant.

Ongoing Compliance

If compliance rules happen to change in the future, our ELD tracking system will send automatic updates to your devices so you're always compliant.

Simple Setup

Installing our ELD is quick and easy. You can choose to do it yourself or have a tech sent out to your location to handle the installation.


Our ELD solution physically connects to the vehicle for a secure and reliable connection that also keeps the ELD fully charged.

Driver-Friendly Design

The all new Field Warrior® ELD is intuitive and easy to use, making log management simple for drivers and co-drivers.

Malfunction Detection

If anything happens to the ELD that threatens compliance, the error is automatically logged and the driver is immediately notified.

Compliance without the complication.

We're proud to offer a top notch Electronic Logging Device solution with powerful functionality
that works like a charm and makes the transition to ELD as smooth as possible.

Manage driver logs from the office

See all activity, including driver identification and hours of service (HOS), make edit suggestions, and assign (or explain) unidentified activity with the Electronic Logging Device Dashboard in IntelliHub®. Editing Sessions let you make all your changes and submit everything at once for approval, and Editing Mode lets you see a driver's logs as if all pending edits were accepted. You can also export logs to the FMCSA, add/edit shipment records, and compare modified logs side-by-side with their original versions.

Inspection Mode for roadside inspections

Your driver's Electronic Logging Device shouldn't complicate a roadside inspection. With one tap, drivers can enable a FMCSA approved ELD Inspection Mode and instantly display all of the required data that safety officials will need during roadside inspections. Drivers can also export logs to the FMCSA via email or web service, if requested to do so during an inspection

Manage and assign unidentified logs

The Electronic Logging Device keeps track of movement that happens while no driver is assigned to the vehicle. All of the unidentified logs are neatly displayed in your ELD Dashboard, separated by vehicle and date. You'll even get helpful driver suggestions next to each activity that make assigning unidentified logs faster and easier.

Full support for co-drivers

Field Warrior® ELD logs duty status for drivers and co-drivers on a single device. Co-drivers are able to access their data so they can view their logs or see how much time they have remaining, even while the other driver's logs continue to run. And switching between team drivers is as simple as tapping a button.

The Electronic Logging Device with built-in fleet tracking and management solutions.

Comprehensive fleet tracking and management features in addition to ELD-mandate compliance. Field Warrior® ELD gives you everything that's required from ELDs and more.

Real-time vehicle and asset tracking.

Paperless DVIR for a seamless workflow.

A digital bond between dispatcher and driver.

Incentivize drivers to maximize safety.

Real-time fleet activity alerts and notifications.

Automated maintenance logs and reminders.


Communicate quicker with 2-way messaging

Navigation for vehicles with road restrictions.

RCustom forms without the messy paperwork.

One system for all your fuel data.

Consolidate data for quicker IFTA reports.

Data to improve your fleet’s performance.

Flexible device options.

Our full-featured ELD solution runs natively on select Garmin devices but we also offer the option to "bring your own device" by utilizing Android tablets and smartphones.

Garmin fleet™ Series

Field Warrior® ELDs run on Garmin's rugged fleet tracking devices built especially for trucks. It's all tightly integrated to create a seamless user experience with an emphasis on ease-of-use and simplicity. Field Warrior® on Garmin also includes commercial navigation and Garmin Real Directions™ - easy-to-understand driving directions that guide like a friend using landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights.

Bring Your Own Device

With our BYOD option, you get a compliant ELD solution and peace of mind without the heavy price tag. Field Warrior® ELDs run on many Android devices, so there's no need to buy expensive hardware that you may not need. And commercial turn-by-turn navigation is available with our seamless CoPilot integration (no need to switch between apps).

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?