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Real-Time Fleet Management Software

IntelliHub® is the browser-based command center for your entire fleet. Track, dispatch, live-stream, and analyze your entire fleet from one connected platform. Monitor vehicle and driver activity with the most comprehensive fleet management software on the market.

IntelliHub displays all of your vehicles and assets in a single view.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking Solution

Track vehicle and driver data in real-time, including location, speed, ignition status, driver behavior, HOS duty status, and much more.

Connected Fleet Management Platform

Manage a more efficient fleet with a digital connection between you and the field. Features include Dispatching, Electronic Logs, Maintenance Management, and more

Advanced Analytics & Fleet Reports

Capture and analyze extensive data from your fleet with over 60 built-in reports broken down by fleet, vehicle, and driver. Turn fleet data into actionable intelligence.
IntelliHub connected fleet management platform

One place to track, manage, and analyze every aspect of your fleet

IntelliHub® brings location tracking, vehicle dispatching, activity alerts, fleet reports, and more – all into a single, easy to use interface. A fleet management software that delivers on user experience and performance.

Save frequent locations with custom geofences then put them to use with dispatching, alerts, and reports.

Hours of Service

Driver logs are displayed as a bar graph with unique colors for each duty status and helpful visual cues.

Fleet Vehicle Cameras

Virtually sit next to every driver in your fleet. See the driver and the road around them with our dual dash camera solution.

Alerts & Notifications

Improve response times with real-time activity alerts triggered by important events and sent to you via email or SMS.

Driver Scorecards

Quickly identify unsafe driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking and accelerating, or excessive idling.

Fleet Management Reports

View and export driver and vehicle activity reports to transform your data into actionable insights.

IFTA Reporting Software

Simplify IFTA fuel tax reporting by collecting and consolidating your fuel and mileage data into an exportable report.

Send and receive freehand and preset messages to drivers or groups of drivers directly through our fleet tracking software.

Fuel Card Integrations

Natively integrated with many fuel card providers, including Wex, Wright Express, and Comdata.

IntelliHub’s smart breadcrumb trail keeps fleet managers updated on vehicle activity.

Visualize true movement on the smart breadcrumb trail.

Accuracy is key to visualizing a vehicle’s journey throughout the day. IntelliHub® gives you the most accurate breadcrumb trail on the fleet tracker market with updates every 1 minute, 1 mile, and/or 30-degree turn of the steering wheel – whichever happens first. Every update in the fleet tracking software contains activity information from the vehicle’s ECU (on-board computer) for full transparency to managers and systematic reporting.

View a snapshot of daily activity with the movement graph.

The fleet tracking software's movement graph monitor’s every vehicle’s speed throughout the day and highlights speeding violations. In other words, it tells you the story of today’s activity. Zoom into any moment in time to see where the vehicle was, how fast it was going, what direction it was heading, and lots more. It’s good for an in-depth analysis, or simply to glance at and see if everything’s okay.

Vehicle movement graph turns your fleet data into actionable intelligence with smart analytics.
Track and manage equipment, machinery, and tools in real time.

Real-time location tracking with full activity history of every vehicle.

Track and monitor your vehicles and drivers in real-time. You’ll see exactly where they are and where they’re going, with the ability to look back at any moment in time. Ready to make the business of fleet management more manageable with the best in fleet management software?
Track your fleet with real-time GPS data.

Real-Time Location & Activity Tracking

Improve fleet performance with a world-class GPS fleet tracking system. Eliminate the guesswork with a birds-eye-view of your valuable assets. Optimize vehicle utilization with real-time data showing your fleet vehicles’ true movements, driver behaviors, and significant events throughout the day. Gain total visibility over your fleet with historical fleet tracking data and smart breadcrumb trails that goes back to day-one.

Integrated Dispatching & Route Optimization

Maximize productivity by building efficient, cost-effective routes with Route Matrix®, our integrated fleet routing software. Optimize your stops to save time or to reduce fuel consumption. Digitally connect your drivers and dispatchers with our fleet vehicle dispatching solution to increase speed of delivery, provide more accurate ETAs, and improve customer satisfaction with our connected fleet management platform.

More about route optimization
Always be on time with integrated routing and dispatch
Stay compliant with an FMCSA-certified ELD solution

Demystify Electronic Logbooks with Helpful Insights

IntelliHub is always connected to your drivers’ Electronic Logging Device (ELD) so you’ll see driver logs updating in real time. And you don’t have to be an expert in DOT regulations to understand what you’re looking at. The simple, logical design makes it easy to spot driving violations. More importantly, you’ll have insight into why a driver was in violation, and how it could have been prevented.

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?