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IoT Tracking Sensors

Advanced IoT data tracking sensors for real-time usage info.

Gain an extra layer of insight into the use of your assets and equipment. Advanced IoT tracking sensors and inputs can show you all kinds of activity in real-time and in historical reports, to make sure that your resources are being used correctly and without waste. Track temperature, doors, compressor activity, power take-offs (PTOs), meters, lights and sirens, and more.

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Sensors Icons

Track position, pressure, temperature, humidity, and more.

Our equipment allows multiple digital and analog inputs that can be utilized to pull additional usage information for display in IntelliHub® and in customized reports.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

PTO sensors allow you to track things like the position of a dump truck’s bed, a tow truck’s winch, and more.

Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient Light Sensors tell you when the back door of a trailer is opened. These highly sensitive sensors can even detect dock lights and street lights, making them effective 24 hours a day.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor the temperature inside your refrigerated trailers and receive alerts when it falls outside a specified range.

Centrifuge Data

Use IoT tracking sensors to track and monitor centrifugal force caused by rotation.

Flow Meter Data

Precisely monitor fuel consumption with specialized sensors.

Door Open/Closed

Sensors to track when doors are opened and closed.

Lights & Sirens

Monitor when a vehicle’s lights and/or sirens are active.

Compressor Data

Track compressor utilization by monitoring digital inputs.

Your Unique Needs

Go beyond a truck sensor: we use digital and analog input to measure many types of activity. Contact us to see if we can track your specialized need.

Stay informed, connected, and compliant.

Whether you’re concerned with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance, or simply need to track more information about your fleet, advanced sensors are the solution. With this extra layer of insight into your fleet’s activity, you can reliably monitor the temperature in a refrigerated trailer, track when doors are opened and closed, and much more.


Track meter usage and activity

With real-time meter activity tracking, fleet dispatching is much more efficient. You can see if a driver’s meter is active before dispatching a new stop, and all of your historical data is available for reporting so you can easily compare engine on time with metered time to help you find your most productive drivers.

Track the activity of specialized equipment.

Use sensors to track the status and usage of tractors, excavators, dump truck beds, generators, and more. A GPS fleet tracker allow you to see the location, but our advanced sensors give you additional insight like when the equipment is turned on, and how long or how often it’s being used

Track vehicle lights and sirens.

Sometimes a sign of activity is a sign of unavailability. This is the case for vehicles with sirens and lights, like ambulances, tow trucks, and police cars. With our advanced sensors, you’re able to monitor siren and light activity in real-time. If you’re dispatching these types of vehicles, this information is imperative to operating an effective fleet.

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