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Advanced Fleet Management Reports

Improve your fleet's performance, safety, and efficiency with advanced data reports.

With customizable fleet, driver, and vehicle reports, IntelliHub® helps you identify operational issues, uncover inefficiencies, and improve driver safety. Fleet management reports are easily viewed online, printed, or exported to a number of different formats.

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Fleet Reports

Our fleet reporting aggregates all of your vehicle and driver data to help you see the big picture. With fleet-wide analytics, you’ll have the data you need to maximize your fleet’s efficiency.

Vehicle Reports

Detailed analytics for each vehicle are available in our vehicle reports. In addition to the information you’d expect, like Maintenance and Location Reports, we also offer Advanced Sensor Reports, Vehicle Diagnostic Reports, and more.

Facility Reports

Facility reports allow you to easily view vehicle and driver analytics by facility or region. They’re especially useful for regional managers who only need to worry about a subset of your fleet.

Driver Reports

Our Driver Reports provide detailed analytics on speeding, harsh driving, HOS violations, and more. Acting on this data leads to a safer fleet and saves money on fuel, maintenance, and traffic violations.

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Use your next-level fleet report data to your advantage.

Track and monitor your vehicles and drivers in real-time. You’ll see exactly where they are
and where they’re going, with the ability to look back at any moment in time.

Vehicle Activity Log

This report shows the complete vehicle activity for any day (or time of day).

State Mileage for IFTA

This report displays the distance a vehicle traveled in each state.

Maintenance Summary

This report lists all maintenance events along with cost summaries.

Engine On Time / Off Time

This report shows a vehicle’s first engine-on time and last engine-off time with location info for any day.

Harsh Event Report

This report shows all of a vehicle’s harsh braking and accelerating events.

Hours of Service

This report generates a full hours of service log (with graph details) for any driver.

Vehicle Diagnostics Report

This report shows all DTC diagnostic information received for a vehicle over a chosen date range.

Speeding Report

This report shows all speed limit violations triggered by a vehicle.

Hours of Service Violations

This report lists hours of service violations committed by a driver.

Stop Report

This report displays all instances of a vehicle stopping during the day.

Idling Report

This report shows a detailed breakdown of vehicle idling.

Improve safety and compliance.

Improve safety and compliance.

The Speeding and Harsh Driving Reports reveal unwanted driving behavior. Hours of Service Reports show you HOS violations and discrepancies. And the numerous Maintenance Reports help you keep up with routine maintenance and identify vehicles that may be under-maintained.

Optimize efficiency and vehicle utilization.

Tracking your fleet is only the first step to a more efficient operation. You need to bring all the data together and make it readable. Our fleet reports are designed to help you understand and improve your fleet’s performance. Historical reports for Scheduled Stops, Idling, Engine Hours, and more help you act on the data by giving you insights into where there’s room for improvement.

Optimize efficiency and vehicle utilization.

Simple and effective maintenance reports.

When you use Field Warrior® and IntelliHub® to manage your maintenance, fleet reporting on historical maintenance events is simple. You can easily view all past maintenance events along with cost summaries across your entire fleet, or narrow it down by facility, vehicle, or asset.

You can even view every diagnostic trouble code (DTC) you’ve received for a vehicle over a given date range with our Vehicle Diagnostic Report.

Simple and effective maintenance reports

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