Garmin Fleet Tracking

Garmin ELD, dispatching, and more - built for trucks.

Our fleet tracking solutions work as one with select Garmin devices to connect drivers and dispatchers. It's all tightly integrated to create a seamless user experience with an emphasis on ease-of-use and simplicity.

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Garmin fleet™ 670 with custom apps you can't get anywhere else.

The Android-powered fleet™ 670 is designed especially for trucks. And now, for the first time ever, all units are pre-loaded with custom apps built by Forward Thinking.

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Receive Dispatched Stops

Dispatch stops through IntelliHub® (our web portal for managers), FTP, or Web Services directly to the Garmin device. Stop statuses automatically come back to the web portal to indicate received, viewed, en-route, completed, or deleted. Estimated time of arrival is also visible within IntelliHub® so you can give your customers accurate feedback on the status of their delivery.

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Garmin Electronic Logbooks

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) take the difficulty out of maintaining organized, FMCSA compliant driver logs. The device automatically switches between driving and on duty. Violation warnings keep your drivers in compliance, preventing tickets and failed audits. Improve your Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA) scores with this new visibility into your drivers’ logs.

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Electronic Vehicle Inspections

Digital DVIRs flow back into our web portal where the mechanic can easily see that there is a problem with one of your fleet’s vehicles. Alerts can be sent via email or text message, letting the mechanic or fleet manager know about the issue. Once the vehicle is fixed, the drivers are notified and the app will ask them to confirm that it’s resolved.

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Commercial Navigation

Our turn by turn navigation for commercial vehicles keeps your drivers on the right roads for their vehicle and cargo. The Garmin fleet 670™ determines safe routes based on the vehicle's weight, length, width, height, and hazardous materials that may be on board.

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2-Way Messaging

Drivers can quickly talk to dispatchers by sending and receiving freehand messages and quick / canned messages. Using one touch the driver can easily respond if he can accept a load or needs to go on break.

a shot of how apps apear on a garmin 670

3rd Party Android Apps

Having Android as the operating system of the Garmin fleet™ 670 device allows us to provide a deeper level of integration. We've developed sophisticated apps specifically for the Garmin devices that capture signatures, digital forms, and more.