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24/7 Fleet Roadside Assistance

Road Angel® protects your drivers and vehicles during a breakdown. An emergency roadside assistance program specifically geared toward fleet vehicles with benefits include towing, fuel delivery, extrication assistance, and more.

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24/7 fleet roadside assistance and protection for nearly any situation.

Protect your most valuable assets with an emergency commercial roadside assistance program developed with a full range of service options specific to fleet vehicle needs.

Vehicle Towing

When a covered vehicle breaks down, Road Angel® covers towing to an issuing dealership up to 25 miles away or to the nearest qualified service facility.

Mobile Mechanic

When a vehicle’s disablement can be resolved roadside, a mobile mechanic can be sent out to fix simple issues, avoiding a tow and getting your driver back on the road qu ickly.

Lock-Out Assistance

Don’t worry about drivers locking keys inside of a covered vehicle. Road Angel® ensures they’ll have assistance getting back into the vehicle so they can get back on the ro ad.

Emergency Fluid Delivery

Running out of fuel or overheating on the highway isn’t fun, but it happens. When a vehicle covered with Road Angel® is in need of fluids like fuel, oil, or water – it’ll be delivered to the driver.

Savings Connection

There’s more to Road Angel® than fleet roadside assistance. With the Savings Connection, you and your drivers can save up to 50% on hotel stays, car rentals, theme parks, r estaurants, retail stores, and more.

Battery Service

Vehicles covered by Road Angel®'s fleet breakdown services will get a jump-start after a battery failure so your drivers aren’t stranded without help.

Flat Tire Assistance

Flat tires can happen to anyone at any time, but when you drive tens of thousands of miles, it’s practically inevitable. Vehicles covered by Road Angel® fleet roadside assistance will enjoy flat tire replacement with their spare.

Extrication Assistance

Swerving off the road to avoid an accident can leave your drivers stuck in the mud – literally. Vehicles protected with Road Angel® fleet roadside assistance are pulled out of ditches and other inaccessible areas that are within 50 feet of a paved road or highway.

Enterprise Fleet Management Roadside Assistance

Emergency fleet roadside assistance provides fast and cost-efficient coverage for your drivers and vehicles whether you run a small fleet of a few dozen vehicles or an enterprise fleet of a few thousand vehicles. Have your drivers back no matter where they are on the road with Road Angel®.

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