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Advanced Fleet Management for Sourcewell Members

With an awarded contract from Sourcewell, Forward Thinking Systems provides dependable fleet management and tracking solutions for government, nonprofit, and education organizations.

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Our partnership and contract with Sourcewell allows member agencies to get our fleet management technologies and related software solutions without having to go through the traditional time-consuming and costly request for proposal process.

Our system’s scalability serves fleets from a few vehicles to a few thousand vehicles and offers progressive features and solutions beneficial specifically to government organizations and other public sectors.

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GPS Tracking

Track the locations of your fleet vehicles and equipment

GPS tracking devices for government show you the real-time locations of everything in your fleet, including vehicles, trailers, heavy machinery, and ancillary equipment. Capture your vehicles’ true movements, driver behaviors, and significant events with GPS tracker updates every 1 minute, 1 mile, and 30-degree turn of the steering wheel. The Field Warrior® app for your mobile workforce even equips real-time GPS fleet tracking software onto your drivers' existing phones, tablets, or Garmin devices.

Learn more about GPS fleet tracking with Field Warrior

Fleet Safety

Maximize safety by monitoring and improving behaviors

Easily review driver behavior events with Fleetcam® to improve the driver performance, safety, and efficiency of your government fleet. Vehicle dash cams use data collected in the field to determine what’s happening on the road and easily see which drivers are doing well and which ones need more coaching. AI and sensors provide real-time in-cab alerts to warn drivers of unsafe behaviors like talking on the phone or driving too close to the car in front of them.

Learn more about driver behavior monitoring and coaching with Fleetcam®

Advanced Fleet Mapping

Customizable map layering and tracking for diverse fleets

Advanced map layering options through Intellihub® allows organizations to tailor vehicle and equipment icons, add GIS layers, and customize data for different fleets. With GIS mapping layers, view important field related information that pertain to your organization. For government entities like public works and utilities, you can add electric box and telephone poll locations. With easy access to this information, you can monitor equipment for maintenance needs and quickly dispatch crews for repair work.

Learn more about fleet mapping with Intellihub®

Maintenance Management & Environmental Regulationsy

Stay in the loop about your fleet vehicles’ health with preventive maintenance alerts and remote diagnostics codes

Our government tracking system allows you to set up preventative maintenance schedules and receive alerts according to engine hours, specific dates or mileage points. Receive diagnostic trouble codes, reduce unexpected and costly breakdowns, manage ELD and DVIRS, and extend the overall life of your fleet assets. Based on jurisdiction, federal, state, and local government fleets have individual environmental regulations they must meet as well. You can substitute the required Smog Check inspections by remotely monitoring emissions, driver behaviors, engine idle times, and more with Forward Thinking Systems’ solutions. For government fleets in California or Nevada, FTS is one of the only companies that enables fleet vehicles to automate their annual smog checks with an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) port.

Learn more about the California BAR's Continuous Testing Program Learn more about Nevada's Continuous Monitoring Program

Secure Integration & Accessibility

Rely on our secure solutions to fit into current operations without impacting other systems

Government fleets need solutions they can count on to be secure while easily integrating with other systems. Increased security is available through customizable permission settings and hierarchy infrastructure groups. Secure APIs and FTPs, single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, and two-factor authentication provides fleets with a safe and reliable system that keeps operations running smoothly. Plus, our fleet management systems can take advantage of redundant cellular networks or specialized cellular networks intended for government and first responders such as FirstNet.


Fuel Efficiency

Peace of mind for meeting regulations and improving fuel efficiency

Government fleets can take advantage of fleet tracking and management technology for reducing overhead costs. Our solutions help managers reduce fuel costs and waste by monitoring speeding and extended idling times. With the integration of different fuel cards into the same system, fleet managers are also able to organize fuel purchase logs and reduce the amount of office work needed to handle expense reports.

Learn more about fuel cards and IFTA reporting
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Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions

Our fleet tracking features give you greater insight into your workers, vehicles, and general operation. Ultimately helping you run a more efficient and profitable business.
GPS Tracking
Real-time monitoring of vehicles, trailers, and assets.
Digital DVIRs
Streamlines FMCSA-compliant electronic inspections.
FMCSA-approved electronic logging for compliance.
Driver Behavior
Focus on incentivizing safety for maximum compliance.
Efficiently connecting dispatchers and drivers.
Maintenance tracking with DVIR automation, alerts, and more.
Advanced solutions for government agencies.
Activity Alerts
Fleet activity monitoring with real-time notification
Route Optimization
Build efficient, cost-effective routes.
IFTA Reporting
Mileage and fuel purchase data for easy IFTA fuel tax reports.
The all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system.
Fleet Reports
Data to improve fleet performance.
Commercial Navigation
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for commercial vehicles.
Fuel Card Integration
Quickly import fuel purchase data with fuel card integrations.
Digital Forms
Collect signatures, proofs of delivery, and more.
Advanced Data & IoT
Advanced real-time usage information.

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