Asset Tracking
& Management Solution

If you have equipment or vehicles of any kind, it's essential to know where they are at all times. Unused, lost, or unaccounted for assets are a drain on your business.To maximize your ROI, you need to implement asset tracking.
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Manage your business eficiently with Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking doesn't apply to vehicles alone

More Than Just A Vehicle Tracking Solution

Your fleet is often more than just vehicles on the road. With one powerful asset tracking solution, you can track the location of everything in your fleet, including vehicles, trailers, heavy machinery, ancillary equipment, and more.
Equipment Tracking
Our GPS asset trackers provide location insights into all types of equipment from tractors, excavators, and dump truck beds to generators, cranes, and much more. This includes asset trackers for both unpowered and powered equipment.
Tablet & Smartphone Tracking
Field Warrior®, the app for your mobile workforce, includes real-time GPS asset tracking software that can be installed on drivers' existing phones and tablets.
Trailer Tracking
Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you can monitor every trailer in your fleet with our asset trackers.
Tool Tracking
Don’t just have the right tools for the job, but know they’re in the right place as well with tool asset tracking.

The Benefits
of Asset Tracking

Real-Time GPS Asset Tracking

At a glance, you can see exactly where your assets are located, where they’re going, and their current statuses. You can even go back in time to explore every moment of an asset’s usage history since the system was originally installed.
Real-Time GPS Asset Tracking
Monitor your asset activities with Asset Tracking

Monitor Asset Activities

In addition to location asset tracking, our hardware gives you insights into when equipment is turned on and how long or how often it’s being used. Increase your bottom line and productivity when you know exactly how your assets are worked.

Improve Safety & Security

Create geofences around important locations like job sites to track when vehicles and other assets arrive or leave. Set up alerts on our asset trackers to be instantly notified about after-hours activity, keeping equipment and materials safe and on-site. Even place live-stream cameras on assets for an instant look at what’s happening in and around them.
Asset tracking improves security and safety
Asset Tracking can help you schedule maintenance

Schedule Maintenance Around Usage

Our asset tracker maintenance system makes it easy to schedule and receive preventative maintenance alerts, track historic usage data, and manage expenses for your entire fleet. Identify trends in performance to lower your overall costs and keep your assets running efficiently for longer.

Stay In The Know
With Fleet Asset Tracking

Quit playing the guessing game when it comes to figuring out where your assets are located. Get asset tracking trusted by fleets small and large for a variety of equipment in every industry:
  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Heavy Equipment
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Emergency Services
  • Field Services
  • Government & Public Safety
  • Landscaping
  • Oil, Gas, & Mining
  • Street Cleaning Services
  • Transportation & Transit
  • Utilities & Services
  • Waste Management

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