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FleetCam® Now Available on Garmin® fleet™ 790 through Forward Thinking System Workforce Automation App Field Warrior®
FleetCam® is now available on the Garmin® fleet™ 790 through the Forward Thinking Systems workforce automation app Field Warrior®; elevating the commercial navigation device into a live streaming video telematics system and workforce management tool.
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Why It’s Better to Switch to LTE Now Instead of Waiting for 5G
Major carriers are shutting down their 2G/3G networks, leaving companies who didn’t switch over in the dark. Why switching to LTE now is better than waiting for 5G.
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5 Ways to Make School Buses Safer with GPS Tracking
School bus GPS tracking helps school districts improve student safety and bus driver accountability, simplify dispatch operations, and help answer parent questions.
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6 Problems that are Solved with GPS Fleet Tracking
Businesses that don't use GPS fleet tracking systems are missing out on a number of advantages that others are utilizing to optimize operations, streamline schedules, and track equipment.
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