Fleet Management Software for Food & Beverage Fleets

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance.

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Better Visibility

Improve communication and visibility with driver messaging, dispatching, and utilization reports.

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Increase Productivity

Maximize efficiency with digital PODs, electronic signatures, automatic route optimization, and more.

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Improve Safety & Compliance

Prioritize safety and compliance with driver scorecards, real-time alerts, and advanced sensor data.

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Fleet tracking and management solutions designed for your fleet.

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance. Our solutions solve real problems for the people who are involved in the daily operations of food and beverage fleets like yours.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

At a glance, you can see exactly what your vehicles and drivers are doing, where they are, and where they’re going. You can even go back in time to explore every moment of a vehicle’s movement and activity since the system was originally installed.

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Better Communication with Driver Messaging

Calls to your drivers can be time consuming and unnecessary, and keeping track of previous conversations is difficult. Mangers and dispatchers can send and receive messages to drivers or groups of drivers with IntelliHub®. Drivers can also respond quickly and safely with one touch canned responses when they're on the road and unable to type a full response.

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Simple, Efficient, Scalable Dispatching

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver’s device with all the information needed to complete them. And with digital forms you'll have immediate access to PODs and other forms. Never wait on status updates or data from the field, and prevent important information from getting lost.

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Track the temperature inside trailers.

Whether you’re concerned with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance, or simply need to track more information about your fleet, advanced sensors are the solution. With this extra layer of insight into your fleet’s activity, you can reliably monitor the temperature in a refrigerated trailer, track when doors are opened and closed, and lots more.

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More stops in less time.

Route Matrix® makes route building easy with a clean, simple, and intuitive interface. Stops are automatically sorted into the most efficient order, taking into account distance, travel time, and a growing list of other factors. This optimization means you’ll waste less fuel, work-hours, and money. And because you’re operating more efficiently, your productivity will grow as if there were suddenly more hours in each day.

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More Solutions for Food & Beverage Fleets

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Driver Behavior

Incentivize drivers to maximize safety.

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Activity Alerts

Real-time fleet activity notifications.

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Maintenance tracking and reminders.

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Fleet Reports

Data to improve fleet performance.

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Digital Forms

Custom forms without messy paperwork.