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Fleet Management Software for Police & First Responders

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance.

Simplify Compliance

Stay compliant with our FMCSA-approved ELD, digital DVIRs, and more.

Increase Efficiency

Keep things running smoothly with maintenance automation, reports, and remote engine diagnostics.

Improve Safety

Prioritize driver safety with vehicle cameras, driver scorecards, real-time alerts, and more.

Fleet tracking and management solutions designed for your fleet.

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance. Our solutions solve real problems for the people who are involved in the daily operations of transportation fleets like yours.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

At a glance, you can see exactly what your vehicles and drivers are doing, where they are, and where they’re going. You can even go back in time to explore every moment of a vehicle’s movement and activity since the system was originally installed.

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Live-Streaming Vehicle Cameras

Our vehicle camera solution offers the best live streaming experience you’ll find on the market. We utilize a Mobile DVR that's equipped with 4G/LTE network support, GPS location tracking, and an anti-tamper lock. Our rugged cameras provide clear video that can be streamed or downloaded. And you'll always have a robust view of what happened in the event of an emergency with support for up to 8 camera angles on a single vehicle.

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Maintenance Automation

You get automatic alerts when a check engine light comes on or an issue is logged in a DVIR. You have access to our database of diagnostic codes that provide a description of exactly what the issue is. With a direct connection to the vehicle’s ECM, you also get real-time data like odometer mileage and diagnostic trouble codes.

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Track Vehicle Lights & Sirens

Sometimes a sign of activity is a sign of unavailability. This is the case for vehicles with sirens and lights, like ambulances and police cars. With our advanced sensors, you’re able to monitor siren and light activity in real-time. If you’re dispatching these types of vehicles, this information is imperative to operating an effective fleet.

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Paperless Vehicle Inspection Reports

Keep your emergency fleet compliant and running reliably. With digital DVIRs, You won’t miss important vehicle inspections or repairs. Our customizable vehicle inspection forms allow your drivers to easily highlight vehicle issues with comments and pictures and track maintenance schedules. Electronic DVIRs are simple to use and help ensure your vehicles are ready to respond whenever the next emergency arrives.

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Ready to make fleet management more manageable?