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Waste Management Fleet Tracking Software

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance with our waste management fleet tracking software.

Master Maintenance

Enjoy a dependable fleet maintenance workflow with schedule automation and digital record-keeping.


Simplify Compliance

Ensure compliance and reduce your risk of fines with electronic driver vehicle inspections.

Improve Safety

Prioritize driver safety with vehicle cameras, driver scorecards, real-time alerts, and more.

Fleet tracking and management solutions designed for your fleet.

Understand every aspect of your fleet's performance. Our software solutions for waste management fleets solve real problems for fleet managers and others involved in the daily operations of waste management vehicles like yours.

Remove waste safely and efficiently using our advanced fleet tracking and management software solutions. Monitor hopper and packer blade activity, track waste collection progress, ensure no stops are missed, and easily answer questions when customers call. With so much real-time tracking and exact data at your fingertips, settling customer disputes has never been easier.

This technology helps to ensure drivers follow safety protocols – something that's critical when most of their routes are through residential neighborhoods. Our GPS tracking solutions show you if someone is speeding, rapidly accelerating, or harshly braking, allowing you to immediately address poor driving behavior before one of your trucks or valuable assets is involved in a crash.

Serve more customers in less time. Our fleet management software provides relevant data and asset tracking visibility that shows the full scope of your business activities, helping you spot where you can make improvements and act to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance routes, and better serve your customers. Furthermore, you can monitor fuel efficiency, unauthorized use, and asset utilization, no matter how many vehicles, portable toilets, or roll-off containers are in your fleet.

Real-Time Location & Activity Tracking

Get the “big picture” of your fleet's activity with a single glance. IntelliHub® offers waste management GPS tracking by showing you moment-to-moment driver location tracking and activity data for every vehicle and asset in your fleet. It's organized to be rich in detail, yet helpful and not overwhelming.

When you want to know more about a particular asset, simply click on it to jump right to where it is now, and see who is in it, how fast it's moving, and a ton of other live activity data. You can even go back in time to explore every moment of a vehicle's movement and activity since the waste management GPS tracking system was originally installed.

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Dependable Maintenance Workflow

With digital DVIRs, you and your maintenance personnel are notified when a driver notes a defect with a vehicle and they're automatically linked to a maintenance request record in our waste management software. Then when the vehicle is serviced, the driver is notified and asked to confirm that the issue has been resolved, creating a seamless and dependable maintenance workflow. And the DVIRs are timed, so you can be sure drivers are being thorough during pre and post-trip inspections.

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Live-Streaming Vehicle Cameras

FleetCam® is the best fleet vehicle camera solution on the market. Our durable cameras give you an instant look at your vehicles and crew from up to 8 camera angles at once. Your drivers are held accountable with event-based recordings that are automatically captured when important events are detected - like aggressive driving. With waste management software, you'll also want to have access to stream historical footage or download clips to your computer. Fleetcam allows you to do so without having to physically access to the vehicle.

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Track and improve driver behavior.

Put a spotlight on safety. Use driver scorecards to see which drivers exceed expectations, and which ones might need more training. The IntelliHub® driver scorecard within our waste management software includes an overall performance rating on a scale of 1-10, and individual scores for Hours of Service compliance, speeding, idling, and harsh accelerating or braking. It also lists how many incidents happened and how many of them were severe. Measuring performance has never been easier with our waste management software.

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