Resource Center Important ELD Tips, Checklists, Training, and More

Important ELD Tips, Checklists, Training, and More

September 18, 2017 Philip DiPatrizio

There’s a lot of good (and bad) information about ELDs on the Internet.

As such, finding answers to your ELD questions isn’t always difficult. But finding accurate answers from a reliable source often is. With so many self-proclaimed ELD experts, it’s hard to know who to trust. We want to make it easier for you to locate helpful, accurate information about ELDs, so we created this simple resource. We’ll continue to update the information and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have that may not be answered below.

Update: 3/22/2018 – We built a much more comprehensive ELD Resource Center. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, we highly recommend heading over there.

General ELD Info

Preparing for ELDs

ELD Training

  • How to Use ELDs – Learn what drivers must do when logging in to an ELD, and what the ELD does throughout the process.
  • ELD Checklist for Drivers – Suggested driver actions, important deadlines, and details such as mandatory items related to ELDs and a list of things drivers should know how to do.
  • ELD Compliance Test Procedures – The 444-page document detailing the ELD test plans and procedures.



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