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Resource Center FleetCam® Now Available on Garmin® fleet™ 790 through Forward Thinking System Workforce Automation App Field Warrior®

FleetCam® Now Available on Garmin® fleet™ 790 through Forward Thinking System Workforce Automation App Field Warrior®

March 3, 2020 Ashley Preston

The Garmin® fleet™ 790 commercial navigation device can now serve as a live-streaming video telematics solution for fleets without any additional hardware thanks to a strategic relationship with Garmin® and Forward Thinking Systems.

fleetcam displayed on a garmin navigator through field warrior

The Garmin® fleet™ 790 commercial navigator has evolved into a powerful video telematics device thanks to the addition of FleetCam® through the workforce automation app Field Warrior®.

FleetCam® can now be added to the advanced workforce automation app Field Warrior® and is available to use on the android-powered tablet without any additional equipment. It’s the only turn-by-turn commercial navigation system with a live streaming video telematics solution and comprehensive workforce management solution built into the same device.

The Benefits of Adding a Video Telematics Solution to Your Commercial Navigator

The Garmin® fleet™ 790’s built-in camera works as a dash cam when paired with FleetCam® through the Field Warrior® app. Now you can:

  • Stream live video and download historic video without having to physically access the vehicle
  • View and download automatically recorded driving event clips on a user-friendly web portal
  • Visually track unsafe driving events along the vehicle’s route with the snapshot breadcrumb trail
  • Review clips, set coaching priorities and leave notes using the integrated driver coaching system

A fleet camera system helps companies operate a safer, happier fleet by limiting liability and protecting drivers from false claims with digital recordings of each incident. Fleet cameras help companies spot and reward good drivers and properly coach drivers who need more instruction. Studies show that drivers are also more likely to limit bad driving habits when a camera is installed in the vehicle; potentially improving safety and reducing risk.

The Evolving Field Management Solution that Improves the User Experience

The FleetCam® addition is the latest upgrade to the Field Warrior® app, which is an all-encompassing fleet management system designed to help businesses improve safety and accountability while streamlining field operations. This powerful solution is simple to use, and when paired with Garmin® fleet™ products, offers you an array of helpful tools including:

  • A FMCSA-registered ELD solution that makes maintaining compliant driver logs easier than ever (requires an additional Bluetooth dongle)
  • Real-time GPS tracking that captures a driver’s vehicle location and activity information
  • Turn-by-turn commercial navigation specifically designed for commercial fleets that takes each vehicle’s size, weight and cargo into account when providing directions
  • Active lane guidance that provides a detailed simulation of the road ahead when approaching turns, exits and interchanges along the route
  • Individual driver scorecards that identify bad driving behavior by tracking events like speeding, excessive idling and harsh braking
  • Dispatched stops that show drivers details about their route’s scheduled stops and turn-by-turn directions on how to get there
  • Customized digital forms for proof-of-delivery, driver inspections, and more to improve efficiency and oversight in the field
  • Digital signatures and image capturing that allows drivers to take photos on their Garmin tablet for documentation or customer disputes
  • Two-way messaging that helps improve communication with dispatchers and workers in the field; allowing them to mark messages as urgent if immediate attention is needed

“You get a full-blown fleet management tool now that FleetCam is paired with Field Warrior on the Garmin fleet 790,” said David Isler, CEO of Forward Thinking Systems. “We’ve transformed a top-notch commercial navigation device into a complete video telematics and workforce automation solution. You can do it all using a single tablet. It’s a tremendous value for customers looking to keep equipment costs down while finding ways to improve workflow and accountability.”

“Gone are the days of needing multiple devices to manage your fleet operation,” said Chad Sallman, Garmin senior business development manager for commercial solutions. “Now, all you need for your crew is the Garmin fleet 790 and Field Warrior with FleetCam. Whether you need more oversight in the field, a better way to handle paperwork and inspections, or are looking for a reliable commercial navigation device, Garmin’s android-powered tablet does it all at a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy all of these amenities separately.”

How to Add FleetCam® to Your Workforce Automation Solution

If you’re interested in adding FleetCam® to your current Field Warrior® solution, you can do so by contacting us and adding the FleetCam® license to your service package. Give us a call or send us an email, and a helpful human will get back to you as soon as possible.

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