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Resource Center Four Ways GPS Tracking Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

Four Ways GPS Tracking Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

March 17, 2021 Ashley Preston

Get the most out of your equipment. GPS tracking can be used for a lot more than fleet vehicles. Asset tracking software solutions let you monitor and pinpoint exactly where your expensive equipment is. That way you don’t waste a moment trying to find it or lose productivity trying to operate without it.

Asset Tracker Benefits

GPS asset trackers are a simple solution that provide a lot of bang for the buck.

Asset trackers:

  • Prevent you from wasting money replacing stolen or misplaced equipment.
  • Save you time and money by getting the right equipment to the right job sites and completing those jobs as efficiently as possible.
  • Have a long battery life that lets you set it up and forget about it, with self-powered asset trackers that can last for up to four years.
  • Come with lots of configuration options that let you decide what you want to monitor and how often you want the asset tracker to send back data.
  • Are built to last in harsh weather conditions with rugged IP67 cases designed to withstand the elements.

Take control of your entire operation with advanced asset tracking and management. Here are four reasons to consider making the investment.

Easily Find Expensive Assets

Easily locate high-value assets so you don’t waste a moment tracking down something that could help you at a job site.

Comprehensive tracking technology lets you use a browser-based command center to track your asset inventory, track where equipment has been, and make sure equipment is being properly utilized. You can also use your mobile phone to monitor and locate assets that are tracked by GPS technology.

Improve Asset Utilization

See exactly how your assets are being used in the field. Make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment by ensuring your equipment is where it needs to be. 

By tracking usage, you can improve your operation’s cost analysis and create competitive bids for future work. You can use asset trackers to properly record usage and bill customers who rent equipment from you with hard data to back up any disputes.

Track Maintenance Needs

Let technology help you keep track of your assets’ maintenance needs and take preventative steps to keep your equipment working properly for a long time.

You can use asset management to keep track of engine hours, create reminders to schedule out maintenance needs, and leave notes to order part replacements so you can get your equipment back in the field as quickly as possible. Use historical logs to help anticipate any large repairs so you can make more accurate budgets and schedules ahead of time.

Prevent Unauthorized Use

Protect your assets, your reputation, and your bottom line by making sure your equipment is being properly used. Set up geofences around job sites that create virtual perimeters around your assets. The system alerts you if anyone tries to move it from the site. That way you can instantly alert law enforcement and keep your assets where they’re needed: at the job site.

Setting You Up with the Right Solution

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the tools that will help you and your organization thrive.

If you’re ready to see exactly what is happening when it comes to your expensive assets, please contact us so we can get a better sense of your needs. From there we will set you up with a free demo and review the services we offer that best pair with your current solutions.

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