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How Fleet Vehicle Cameras Can Help You Dispute Claims and Avoid Liability in a Crash

FleetCam® Customer Says Video Proved His Driver Didn't Cause Truck Crash

June 2, 2020  |  Ashley Preston 

“One accident will pay for FleetCam.” That’s according to a customer who was recently able to avoid having to pay for a crash his driver didn’t cause. The fleet video camera system gave him the evidence he needed to prove it was the other driver who was at fault.

“I get a call from a company saying that one of their vehicles had been damaged by my driver and asked when they could expect a check.”

Jones, the general manger at Thom’s Transport in Blackshear, Georgia said that “with the burden of proof for liability resting on the motor carriers to prove they weren’t at fault; it would behoove you to take every precaution possible."

"FleetCam has prevented our insurance rates from going up, and our insurance company is happy we have these cameras installed," he continued. "It is a lot less work for them when there is video evidence. It’s accident reconstruction on your desktop.”

How Does FleetCam® Help Improve Safety and Accountability?

FleetCam® is an all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system that can help save lives with an award-winning AI system, audible in-cab notifications and an integrated driver behavior coaching system.

FleetCam® supports up to eight cameras per vehicle; providing transparency and helping to improve driving habits while alerting drivers to dangers before a crash.

FleetCam® gives you a live-streaming view of your crews and the conditions they’re driving in. Automatic notifications let you know when dangerous driving or crashes are detected. Video clips are automatically recorded and uploaded for immediate viewing, so you can make real-time decisions with the latest information available.

The fleet vehicle camera solution is designed with both safety and liability concerns in mind. That's because fleet vehicle accidents are among the most expensive injury claims a business can face. A fleet vehicle crash usually costs a company about $70,000 for each event; that's nearly twice as much as the average workplace injury costs a company.

Crashes involving fleet vehicles don’t just cause property damage. Fleet crashes affect CSA scores, cause a loss in productivity and a dip in sales due to missed calls, and hurt a company’s overall reputation; intangible costs that can still be felt.

"Instead of backing down and sending them a check, I sent them the video clip. That changed things."

When it comes to fleet accidents, FleetCam® gives companies the answers they need to make choices that protect workers, business assets, and the company's brand.

“This is a fantastic solution with real world applications,” according a judge from the American Business Awards, which recently awarded FleetCam® with a Bronze Stevie Award in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. “The tangible benefits that consumers see on purchasing this piece of technology is great!”

How Does FleetCam® Help Customers?

Jones explained what happened earlier this year when he had a vehicle heading up the East Coast get involved in a crash with a luxury car.

“I recently had a driver going down a two-lane road in Baltimore, Maryland,” Jones said. “He called me to let me know he had been in a wreck with a Mercedes but that he didn’t really know how it happened, so I pulled up the video on my desktop.”

In the video, Jones said he could clearly see the weather conditions, the road conditions, and where the lanes were. “There were cars parked on either side of the road as he was driving downtown when it happened,” he continued.

“My driver starts to make a right on red onto a four-line road. You can see in the video; he stops halfway through the turn and then backs up a little bit. Watching the video, I can clearly see the Mercedes try to cut my driver off before getting hit.

Jones’ phone rang while he was trying to resolve things with his driver and get him back on the road. “I get a call from a company saying that one of their vehicles had been damaged by my driver and asked when they could expect a check.”

Jones was prepared though and didn’t miss a beat. “Instead of backing down and sending them a check, I sent them the video clip. That changed things,” he said with a chuckle. “Now I am getting a check from them to repair my truck.”

What Can You Do to Protect Your Fleet?

If you’re ready to take your fleet’s safety and liability protection to the next level, let us know. We are happy to review your needs and see what we can do for you and your company. Free demos are also available.

Don’t be caught off-guard. Install FleetCam® and change how you see your fleet overnight.

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