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Resource Center Truckers Reveal Their Scariest, Most Unexplainable Stories From the Road

Truckers Reveal Their Scariest, Most Unexplainable Stories From the Road

September 30, 2022 Lindsay Cagnacci

Being a long-haul truck driver can certainly be a terrifying job.

Truckers deal with late nights running on little sleep, navigating 80,000lb rigs through treacherous terrain, not to mention constantly being on the lookout for reckless drivers and robbers.

However, some drivers might encounter something a bit more frightening on their journey…

The supernatural. Ghosts. Aliens. Bigfoot. The truly unexplainable.

We all love a good ghost story to get us in the Halloween spirit, and who better to tell one than the people traveling our haunted highways day in and day out?

Keep scrolling for some paranormal stories that are guaranteed to bring you sheer creepiness this Halloween season. (I know- it’s only the beginning of October, but who says it’s too early for scary stories?)

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Knock Knock, Who’s There?

“My brother was a truck driver in the ’90s/early 2000s. He just told me this story a few months ago. He was driving through Pennsylvania on [his] way back to NJ. He pulled over to the side of the road behind 2 other trailers.

In the early morning, he heard someone bang on his right door, he quickly jumps from the sleeping compartment and grabs his bat. As he looks out the window, there’s no one there but now there’s a bang on the left side. Freaked out he looks out that window and there’s nothing but silence now.

He’s trying to figure out wtf is going on, seconds later banging on both doors simultaneously. He said the banging was so loud and heavy that the truck was shaking.

Both curtains open- he can see there’s no one out there. He quickly jumps in the driver’s seat and starts the truck, he sees the other 2 trucks ahead of him do the same. He said he felt as if they all had experienced the same thing.”- u/Mpoboy

The Man in Black

“My boyfriend is a truck driver who routinely does midnight runs.

Oddly enough, I asked him this question myself a few days ago. He told me that one night he [was] getting ready to park in a lot next to a truck stop. He said it looked like there were no lights, no cars, no sign of anyone but he said screw it- he was tired.

He woke up the next morning parked on the side of the road with 3 highway patrol vehicles behind him. He was about 15 miles away from the truck stop he parked at.

Thing is? He was sleeping in his camper the whole night.

He has no idea how he got on the side of the road and logic says someone tried stealing the truck and succeeded. And the police convinced him of this happening as they saw ” a man in a black jumpsuit” running away from his truck into a nearby field.

Even then, he still feels uneasy about the whole situation.

Apparently, the doors were still locked from the inside and there was no real sign of anyone trying to break in.” – [unknown Reddit user]

Bigfoot Spotting

“I used to drive a truck in northern Manitoba.

There’s a road in the northeast you can drive for several hours and see very few vehicles. This road is quite flat and straight in stretches. Of course, this is deep in the bush.

One day I saw something cross the road in the distance. Very large, easily past the hood on my truck. But not long, like a moose or elk. Just tall.

It disappeared into the bush and as I drove by the spot, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I heard days later a tow truck driver describing on the radio his encounter with a similar creature, only he was much more clear he had spotted Bigfoot.

This guy went to some length to explain he didn’t want people thinking he was crazy. But he was sure what he saw. I asked an aboriginal client of mine in a nearby community and he said the Elders spoke of them as commonly the same way they spoke of the other animals.

I don’t know what I saw that day but I’m certain it wasn’t a bear, moose, deer, or elk. I just don’t know what the hell it was.” – u/thehotbreadguy

Don’t Walk on the Tracks

“My dad was a trucker for many years.

One time he told me he’d stopped at a mandatory weigh station somewhere at night that was refurbished from an old train station. My dad parked the truck and got out, noticing that someone was walking along the train tracks with a light.

It was really late, so my dad called out and asked if he was okay. The man kept walking.

My dad said he had a lantern in his hand. My dad called out again and the man never turned around.

He went into the office and told them that some drunk asshole is walking the train tracks and the guy behind the desk nonchalantly says, “Yeah was it this guy?” and points to an old ass picture on the wall.

It was a picture of all the rail yard guys from like, over 70 years before.

Sure enough, my dad had seen one of the guys in the photo. Apparently, a lot of people have seen whatever that was and come in asking questions.” – u/ilestledisko

Woman in the Headlights

“My dad is a retired trucker and he’s told me this story many times.

He’d parked up in a very rural area for the night, surrounded by nothing but fields around and the occasional passing truck.

He put his head down and had a little nap, woke up sometime later needing to pee. He switched his headlights on and prepared to hop out and do his business when he saw a lady standing just a little way in front.

He watched her, wondering where she’d come from when another truck drove past, he looked again and she’s gone.

He got so spooked he drove to a more populated area and spent the night parked there instead.” – u/Sue_Sue_Heck

Some Things You Never Forget

“I slept in my rig on Walton’s Mountain in VA one night…

It wasn’t the pitch-black darkness that bothered me…

It was the sounds coming from it…

It wasn’t animal noises… I have no idea what it was…

But it creeps me out to this day…” – u/DrCallow

The Joker

“I was the passenger for this, but on a long drive, I accompanied my mom [and] we saw a man standing on the concrete divider at about 10 pm. It was fall, so it was dark out, and pouring rain.

He was dressed as a jester, and it was on a stretch of poorly lit highway.

She flinched and asked if I saw it; I said that I did and we watched as he walked slowly along the divider with his arms out a little to the sides.

She pulled over because she was freaking out so bad and he started doing weird stuff – cartwheels and handstands and sh-t. Weirdest thing ever.

Edit: This was one of those dividers that’s narrow and raised about 2-4 feet off the ground.” – u/tazydrex

Mysterious Rubber Ball

“Just a couple of months ago I worked a pretty late shift one night.

Left the office around 2 am and have a 30 min drive home. I live pretty far out in the woodland areas of the country. Forest directly on both sides of the road.

I was casually driving along through the fog, and out of nowhere a kid’s rubber ball (the basketball-sized ones with cartoons on them) comes bouncing out in the middle of the road from the trees.

I slammed on my brakes and swerved to miss because I thought for sure a kid was bound to be chasing behind it. Never seen a soul step out.

As I drive on by and started thinking, what would a kid be doing out playing this late?

Then I remembered, there were no houses around where this happened at.

Someone HAD to have thrown it in the road.

The height it came onto the road at and the way it bounced the wind simply didn’t blow it in front of me. It was pretty creepy.” – [unknown Reddit user]

The Corpse Bride

“Driving home from a late shift, I come to a part of the road that is a huge hill, low point then huge hill again with nothing but forest all around.

As I crest the hill, I see an orange van, on its side at the very bottom of the hill and a woman standing in a wedding dress next to it.

I slow down and see that she is covered in blood, holy sh-t.

This is way before cell phones so I slowly pass, taking in her calm expression, her blood-stained wedding dress, the undercarriage of that orange van, and pull over to the right slightly past the wreckage. Get out of my car, look back, and nothing.

There was nothing there but empty, dark road. I freak out, speed home hoping a cop would pull me over. I still don’t know what I saw.” – u/Charliesi

Aside from the ghosts and goblins, truckers see a lot of questionable things while on the road. It’s important to get plenty of rest before a long drive in order to stay alert and aware of everything going on around you.

Stay safe out there this spooky season!

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