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Resource Center In-Vehicle WiFi Powered by FleetCam® Helps You Stay Connected Anywhere

In-Vehicle WiFi Powered by FleetCam® Helps You Stay Connected Anywhere

October 29, 2021 Lindsay Cagnacci

Your employees’ ability to stay connected and informed does not have to stop when they are away from the office. With FleetCam’s new and improved In-Vehicle WiFi Hotspot, you can say goodbye to expensive hotspot equipment and rest assured that all of your drivers and field employees will have access to robust internet connectivity while on the go. 

Take the Coffee Shop With You

With in-vehicle internet access, you will no longer have to wait for remote staff to find a coffee shop to answer emails- now, the coffee shop is wherever your vehicles are. Check and respond to emails, upload reports, enter orders and service information, and more with connectivity that is where you need it. This new feature improves efficiency in the field and helps avoid those costly delays when waiting for updates from employees outside of the office. With multiple plan options, we can be sure you’re covered with the right amount of data to get the job done. 

In-vehicle WiFi hotspots give your drivers and field employees access to robust internet connectivity.

Connect Your Fleet with FleetCam In-Vehicle WiFi

With the steady rise of remote employees, the demand for WiFi on the road is increasing. For drivers, being able to connect to in-cab WiFi from their vehicle camera system is a huge plus. Make sure remote workers aren’t without the connectivity needed to power your business tools. Here are a few of the many benefits of in-vehicle WiFi beyond the obvious.


Although several public hotspots are available while on the go, it is comforting to know you don’t need to depend on anyone. Plus, let’s face it, public WiFi hotspots often lead to slow connections and lots of waiting. Give your drivers the freedom to connect whenever best fits their schedule. FleetCam’s WiFi hotspot offers access to fast and reliable internet service anywhere, anytime.  

FleetCam In-Vehicle WiFi keeps your drivers connected.

Secure In-Vehicle WiFi

Having your own in-car solution is much safer than trusting the WiFi at your local coffee shop or library. Connecting to an unsecured WiFi network allows hackers to capture your account’s usernames and passwords, launch a spam attack on your device, hijack the account you are logged in to, or even gain access to your computer and all of its data.

You want to have peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and secure. With a dependable WiFi hotspot built into your vehicle’s camera system, you can rest assured that none of your data will be breached. 

Battery Saving

Did you know that you can extend the battery life of your gadgets by connecting to WiFi? Mobile networks often drain the battery of our phones, which is why it is much more efficient to switch to WiFi when it is available. Save your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic devices’ power with access to wireless internet that is right at your fingertips. 


Keeping apps updated is essential for both security and performance. App updates improve the safety and reliability of your device by protecting your personal information, providing you with the newest features and best performance, and implementing up-to-date bug fixes to keep all of your apps running smoothly. With in-vehicle WiFi, you can be sure the apps being used in the field are receiving important updates in a timely manner.

Fixed In-Vehicle WiFi Hotspot 

Leveraging your FleetCam device ensures there’s a dedicated, installed WiFi access point in your vehicle at all times. It’s not going to get lost between the seat and center console, or taken out of the vehicle and left behind. You can rely on FleetCam’s in-vehicle WiFi hotspot to keep you connected and online so that you never miss a beat. 

FleetCam In-Vehicle WiFi keeps your fleet connected.

With many businesses utilizing remote field software such as Field Warrior, employees need mobile internet to stay connected with the office, clients, or management from wherever they are. Keep the fleet and field connected with continuous WiFi connectivity through FleetCam, and ensure your employees never miss another important update or email while on the move. Contact us to learn about more of FleetCam’s incredible features. 

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