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Resource Center Top 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Fleet With Your Wireless WAN

Top 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Fleet With Your Wireless WAN

August 19, 2020 Ashley Preston

You can instantly take advantage of comprehensive fleet tracking solutions through your Cradlepoint mobile router. Thanks to a partnership between Cradlepoint and Forward Thinking Systems, it is easy to integrate a cost-effective fleet management solution into your operation using your current equipment.

“Adding FTS fleet management to a Cradlepoint router adds a new level of visibility and tremendous value to a product that is already the best in its class.”

Cradlepoint mobile routers turn vehicles into rolling hotspots, giving you reliable and cost-effective connectivity for devices in and around them. These rugged routers support multiple 4G LTE connections and are built to withstand and operate in extreme conditions.

These high-end devices can access real-time GPS tracking data and fleet-wide analytics when paired with our fleet management solutions; helping you get a clear picture of vehicle locations, driver behavior, maintenance needs, and more.

“Adding FTS fleet management to a Cradlepoint router adds a new level of visibility and tremendous value to a product that is already the best in its class,” said David Isler, CEO of Forward Thinking Systems. “We are thrilled to provide advanced fleet tracking and video telematics solutions through our partnership with Cradlepoint.”

How Do Cradlepoint and Forward Thinking Products Work Together?

To make adding fleet monitoring services as easy and speedy as possible, we collaborated with Cradlepoint to develop proprietary firmware that instantly upgrades your current mobile routers.

Forward Thinking provides access to real-time GPS tracking and fleet-wide analytics by using your Cradlepoint router’s GPS location. The Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution is compatible with the IBR1100, IBR1700, and/or IBR900 mobile routers.

The solution also uses the FTS app, which can be downloaded through NetCloud, to pull and integrate data into the FTS browser-based command center, IntelliHub® for analysis and review.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud’s Service Connectors enables rapid and secure cloud-to-cloud authentication to IntelliHub® – protecting the telemetry data of mobile fleets without needing additional equipment.

So how can you get more out of your Cradlepoint gear with fleet tracking and management features?

1) Add GPS Tracking, Instant Alerts, and Detailed Reports with IntelliHub®

Get better insights into what is happening with your workers, vehicles, and general operation by accessing IntelliHub®, our browser-based fleet command center.

Using information collected by your Cradlepoint mobile router, IntelliHub® provides you with real-time data that is easy to analyze and report. IntelliHub® sends you instant alerts and notifications, maintenance reminders, and more to ensure that you know about what’s going on as it’s happening.

Access useful data, set up geofences, and send dispatch notices and direct messages all from one place – making it easy to keep an eye on your entire fleet. You can also use its companion app Monarch® to check in with access to real-time data, map views, vehicle details and more.

Integrating IntelliHub® is now as simple as logging into your current NetCloud® account. Enable the FTS integration by selecting the Integrations tab, selecting the Forward Thinking Advanced GPS Tracking tile, and clicking the Enable button. Then just enter your information and a friendly human will contact you to set you up with a comprehensive fleet management system that easily integrates with your Cradlepoint solution.

2) Add Workforce Automation and Field Worker Management with Field Warrior®

Use your current Android or iOS devices to streamline field services while easily managing important documents, inspections, time card verification, and more using the Field Warrior® mobile app.

Field Warrior® provides a list of useful features to drivers and field workers that include tools such as commercial navigation, which ensures fleet vehicles stay on roads that are safe and legal to travel on based on weight and load materials.

Easily update and share delivery information with drivers through the app. You send and receive direct messages to keep in contact with field workers; making it easy to execute decisions in real time and handle problems as they arise.

Deliveries are simple to track and record when drivers are equipped with Field Warrior®. They can capture images and digital signatures, fill out custom forms in the field, and be in contact with managers through the messaging feature.

It’s also easy to keep track of vehicle needs. With Field Warrior®, drivers can complete customizable DVIRs, which can even be set up with a timer to ensure that inspections are thorough. If they spot something during the inspection, drivers can easily alert the shop to any needed maintenance issues by adding notes and photos.

3) Save Time, Fuel, and Money by Optimizing Shipping Routes with Route Matrix®

Automatically create optimized routes that are sorted based on distance, travel time, and a growing list of other factors when you incorporate Route Matrix® into your current fleet operation. It helps you save hours of planning while creating efficient routes that cut down on fuel, travel time, and vehicle wear-and-tear.

The system is easy to use and lets you override and customize your routes by simply dragging and dropping stops into the order you want. You can see what the route will look like using the interactive map, and quickly spot which stops haven’t been assigned to a driver yet.

Total distance and travel time are displayed for each route and are immediately recalculated if a stop is added; making it easy to see how an additional stop will affect the day. Route Matrix® provides estimated arrival times for each stop too, so you’ll know when deliveries should arrive before the driver even starts the vehicle.

If you’re already a Cradlepoint customer, you won’t need any additional equipment to add Route Matrix® to your operation.

4) Help Save Lives with FleetCam® Fleet Vehicle Dash Cameras and In-Cab Alerts

Add fleet vehicle cameras to your current operation and help your drivers avoid serious crashes. FleetCam® is an award-winning video telematics system that uses advanced AI cameras and sensors to automatically detect dangers on the road, and instantly alerts them with an in-cab notification system that acts in real-time.

The system is designed to alert drivers when they are falling asleep, driving unsafely, or engaging in distracting behavior like using their cellphone or smoking. The data is automatically processed within the vehicle without needing to connect to the cloud, so the system can immediately warn drivers and give them time to react.

You can watch live streaming views of the driver, the cab, and the area around the vehicle, or pull historic data remotely to watch and download.

FleetCam® comes with a built-in driver coaching system. When dangerous or unwanted driving behavior is detected, the system automatically records event clips, uploads them to IntelliHub® and groups them by type and date. The clips include snapshot images to identify drivers and points in time. You can easily view and comment on the event clips, update coaching instructions and track their progress.

Fleet cameras can also be used to assess liability in the event of a crash and dispute false claims against your company. For instance, one customer reported getting a check sent to him after presenting video evidence of a crash.

While this solution requires additional hardware to work with your Cradlepoint router, FleetCam® has several different package options that are made to fit your needs and budget.

5) Add Small Hardware Components to Improve Data and Simplify Your Fleet Operation

Some simple hardware additions can give you deeper insights into your fleet, catch vehicle maintenance issues before they become serious issues, and even comply with federal ELD regulations.

Adding an OBD-II or jBUS scanner to your vehicle’s electronic control unit allow you to monitor engine diagnostics and report any trouble codes. This addition also opens the door to adding a certified ELD solution to your operation.

With field warrior deployed on your android smartphone or tablet or a Garmin fleet series 770 or 780, you have one of the most reliable and robust ELD solutions available on the market. Our ELD solutions are registered with the FMCSA as approved ELDs, and have been fully tested and certified as compliant.

With one tap, drivers can enable Inspection Mode on the ELD and instantly display all the required data that safety officials need. Drivers can export logs to the FMCSA via email or web services if required during an inspection.

You can manage driver logs from the office too. There, you can see all activity, make edit suggestions and assign or explain unidentified driver activity using the ELD Dashboard in IntelliHub®.

If you use the FirstNet® system for emergency vehicles and need an ELD solution, this is one of the only solutions available that seamlessly works with both systems.

Improve Performance, Efficiency and Profitability with Cradlepoint and Forward Thinking

By using a Cradlepoint mobile router, you’ve already set your vehicles up with a reliable hot spot that keeps your drivers connected. Incorporating Forward Thinking’s fleet management products allows you to get a comprehensive view of your operation with instant alerts to any issues that need your attention.

If you’re ready to see exactly what is happening on the road while streamlining vital business procedures, please contact us so we can get a better sense of your needs. From there we will set you up with a free demo and review the services we offer that best pair with your current solutions. You can also head to Cradlepoint’s TAP site to learn how to get the most out of your Cradlepoint mobile router and your fleet.

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