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Take the best route to 5G for your fleet vehicles

April 26, 2021 Paige Lichtenwalter

The future of vehicle telematics is here. In partnership with Cradlepoint, Forward Thinking Systems has released its first-ever 5G vehicle telematics solution for fleets of all sizes and industries. With the upcoming 2G and 3G networks sunsets, there’s no better time to make the switch and upgrade your fleet. 

Cradlepoint is a leader in advanced cellular router solutions and no stranger to the 5G network. Taking years of 5G learnings into consideration, Cradlepoint recently announced its all-new R1900 router – the vehicle router built for 5G. 

Our partnership with Cradlepoint gives you the latest Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution that includes the first in-vehicle 5G routers available on the market. The R1900 supports multiple 5G connections and is purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, ensuring your fleet vehicles and devices stay connected everywhere they go. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing the R1900 for commercial telematics vehicle tracking:

1. A Solution Built for Next-Gen Cellular

With the addition of 5G, some companies have tried to adapt older products to fit this new network with limited success. Cradlepoint took a different approach by building the R1900 specifically with 5G in mind to accommodate the bandwidth, performance, and security needs of this next-gen cellular network for many years to come. 

2. Enterprise-Grade Security Peace of Mind

Just because your fleet is always on the move doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your security. FTS’ high-security applications in tandem with Cradlepoint’s 5G mobile solutions treat telematics vehicle tracking the same as fixed locations. With a priority on enterprise-grade security, the R1900 has an application-aware firewall, content filtering, and cloud-delivered security dashboards, along with additional support for SASE technologies. 

3. Flexible Installation

The R1900 5G router offers the fastest of speeds in the smallest of packages. Able to fit in a trunk, cabinet, or even mounted overhead, the R1900 can accommodate a variety of vehicle types and setups with its compact size. 

4. Cloud-Managed 5G Footprint

Your fleet has a lot of moving pieces, but Cradlepoint’s routers and adapters can help connect everything under one cloud-based platform to manage it all. This allows you to quickly deploy, manage, and monitor your fleet’s network at all times. Plus, you’re able to easily access IntelliHub®, our web-based fleet management software, and its companion app, Monarch®, for on-the-go fleet management.

5. Fast & Reliable Wi-Fi Inside & Out

The R1900 turns your fleet vehicles into rolling hotspots, providing you reliable and cost-effective 5G connectivity for devices in and around vehicles. 

Whatever your fleet management needs entail, the R1900 allows our diverse commercial vehicle telematics solutions to operate on 5G. Additionally, if you’re already a Cradlepoint customer, upgrading to the 5G R1900 is fast and simple with their trade-up deal and our instant access firmware. We worked with Cradlepoint to create a proprietary firmware that instantly adds comprehensive fleet tracking features to your hardware after only a few minutes of install time. You’ll immediately have access to real-time GPS tracking, fleet-wide analytics, vehicle diagnostics, and more.

Learn more about Forward Thinking Systems’ 5G commercial vehicle telematics partnership with Cradlepoint >>

How Will 5G Transform Your Fleet Management? 

The transition to 5G commercial vehicle telematics comes with a host of benefits for both fleet drivers and managers including: 

  • Faster, more responsive networks even in highly populated areas. This enables better fleet-wide communication between drivers, managers, and customers. 5G increases fleet safety, efficiency, and visibility into fleet operations by facilitating an instant connection from fleet managers to drivers regardless of location.
  • Quicker data transfers across fleet vehicles and applications. Increased capabilities of data transfers mean even more accurate sensors, AI, maintenance alerts, vehicle diagnostics, analytics, live streaming, and more. AI and sensors can improve driver safety by helping drivers stay in their lane, avoid collisions, and correct poor behaviors with audiovisual alerts.
  • A connection of all your fleet vehicles and devices. Vehicles, equipment, hand-helds, and other fleet asset devices are all able to connect via the fastest network available. The aggregation of all their data empowers fleets to truly operate as one in any location.

Unlock your fleet’s full 5G potential through our suite of commercial vehicle telematics solutions empowered by Cradlepoint’s 5G R1900. Schedule a demo with us or get started today to see how we can help take your fleet to the next generation.

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