Electronic Logbooks

Fully compliant driver logs on Android and Garmin.

Quickly and accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS). You’ll save time for everyone, avoid fines with improved RODs compliance, and increase safety for your drivers.


Maintain an ELD compliant fleet with Field Warrior® for Android and Garmin.

Simplify driver logs and stay compliant with our versatile electronic logbook solution for Android and Garmin fleet series devices.

Flexible Rule Sets

In addition to the standard (FMCSA 395.15) DOT rule set, Field Warrior® complies with alternative rule sets mandated for various areas and industries. We can even add new rule sets as needed.

Ongoing Compliance

We’re committed to maintaining compliance with all future regulations. Our ELD solution connects to the vehicle’s ECU for retrieval of mandated VIN and odometer information and other useful data such as diagnostic trouble codes.

BYOD Option

Our unique BYOD platform lets you manage owner-operator logbooks without providing expensive equipment to non-company owned assets and drivers.

How it works.

Our driver app, Field Warrior®, gives your drivers an intuitive interface for easy duty status logging. They simply choose their duty status and Field Warrior® does the rest. Our electronic logbook solution adheres to FMCSA regulations and will automatically change duty status between On Duty and Driving, helping to reduce logbook errors.

The past 7 or 8 days of logs are stored directly on your driver’s devices for DOT inspections. And because Field Warrior® remains in constant contact with IntelliHub®, you’ll always have up to the minute access to every driver’s logs.


Human-friendly driver logs with IntelliHub®

IntelliHub® brings driver logs to life by showcasing and explaining them. Here, logs can be viewed and corrected (if the driver made a mistake) to make sure your CSA scores remain spotless.


You don’t have to be an expert in DOT regulations to understand your drivers’ logs. IntelliHub® presents them beautifully, with unique colors for each duty status and helpful visual cues that explain what you’re looking at. Now when drivers violate driving limits, you’ll know. But more importantly, you’ll understand why. A remaining time slider shows the available driving time for any moment throughout the day, making it easy to understand when the violation started and how it could have been prevented.