FleetCam® Updates

New Product Features & Enhancements
Introducing FleetCam® 3.0
Introducing FleetCam® 3.0, the all-in-one fleet camera system that helps improve safety and driving habits with in-cab alerts, AI-detected events, and an integrated driver behavior coaching system.
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FleetCam® 2.0 Gets Enhanced Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots, Simpler Video Downloading, and More
FleetCam® 2.0 gets even better with enhanced breadcrumb trail snapshots, simpler downloading, a visual timeline that makes browsing available videos easier, and more.
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FleetCam® 2.0
The all-new FleetCam® is here! Thanks to our vastly improved lineup of FleetCam® hardware, we’ve been able to make significant improvements to the software and overall streaming experience.
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