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Associated Materials Closes the ELD Gap with FTS

The Challenge

Advanced Materials needed a fleet management solution to provide greater fleet oversight, improved management controls, and field tools for their operators.

The Solution

AMI partnered with Forward Thinking Systems to provide a connected platform of fleet management and mobile workforce management applications to integrate with existing systems.

The Results

The new fleet management system greatly boosted AMI's operations by improving proof-of-delivery, cutting customer claims, averting driver safety issues with fatigue alerts, real-time insights, tracking Hours of Service (HOS).

Customer Snapshot







We've been absolutely impressed with the partnership that's formed, FTS really worked with us to maximize integration.

Adam Casebere , SVP, U.S. Supply Center Operations, Associated Materials

Associated Materials (AMI) was faced with the problem of the soon-to-be-implemented ELD mandate in the U.S. For 8-10 months, they conducted research on nine different companies to help find a solution for their business. Forward Thinking Systems was the last company AMI investigated, but AMI quickly found FTS to be the most refreshing solution and the most eager to help.

"We set out to look for a transportation partner to meet a number of needs we had in the business," shares Adam Casebere- SVP, U.S. Supply Center Operations.

"We were seeking greater management control, oversight of our fleet, as well as tools for the operators." Over the next two years, Kevin Tremmel- Director, Fleet Management at AMI, had weekly calls with the team at FTS to monitor and find new ways to improve systems within AMI.

"We've been absolutely impressed with the partnership that's formed," continues Casebere.

"FTS really worked with us to maximize integration to our existing systems so that we could wring out all the relevant data from our operating system and bring it into Forward Thinking Systems. There was a lot of work around customizing the application to meet our needs and how we wanted to use it every day."

AMI's day-to-day operations improved significantly with the solutions afforded by FTS and continued to do so with the commitment to fine-tuning those solutions.

We've been absolutely impressed with the partnership that's formed, FTS really worked with us to maximize integration.

Adam Casebere , SVP, U.S. Supply Center Operations, Associated Materials

Now in their fifth year working with FTS, AMI expresses that they are still experiencing growth in working with Forward Thinking Systems. "I have nothing negative [to say] because if there was ever an issue, it got addressed," says Tremmel.

AMI points out that in working with FTS, they've experienced an attitude of continuous improvement and a dedication to work through issues until they are resolved. Additionally, through the tools provided by FTS, AMI has been able to save countless expenses with proof of delivery capture. In the past, AMI would have customers claim that products were missing, and AMI had no way to prove otherwise. Now, their drivers can easily upload a picture into their Field Warrior app, verify delivery completion and preventing the company from having to replace materials unnecessarily. Similarly, AMI has had three documented cases of drivers with a sleep disorder which was discovered through FTS' driver fatigue alerts.

"The drivers received the necessary medical attention and all back to work. They were all very appreciative that the company uncovered their issue, which could have had serious repercussions if left untreated." shares Tremmel.

"Forward Thinking Systems has provided the people within our supply centers a wealth of information on our delivery drivers in real-time," expresses Casebere.

"So all the calls we get routinely looking for status on deliveries, we can answer more easily and accurately now. It gives me great satisfaction to know that we've got a tool in place to track HOS as well as ensure that our daily vehicle inspections are occurring and that anything identified either in HOS or vehicle inspection reports can be elevated easily into management to know that we've got the right visibility and we've got the record-keeping as it should be from a regulatory standpoint."

"Most companies have canned packages where 'this is what you get', with Forward Thinking Systems, it was 'Tell us what your needs are.” says Tremmel. FTS offers a custom approach to ensure each business gets the right help with their specific fleet management needs. From asset tracking to workforce management, FTS tailors solutions to fit your business, not the other way around.

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