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Cradlepoint Router
& GPS Tracking System

Our partnership with Cradlepoint gives you an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution that includes the best in-vehicle routers available on the market. These high-end devices support multiple 4G LTE, 5G, and FirstNet connections and are purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, ensuring your vehicles and devices stay connected everywhere they go.

Connect your fleet with Cradlepoint, NetCloud, and IntelliHub

Wi-Fi Inside and Out

Cradlepoint routers (IBR Series) turn your vehicles into rolling hotspots, giving you reliable and cost-effective connectivity for devices in and around the vehicle.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Capture your vehicles’ true movement, driver behavior, and significant events with GPS tracker updates every 1 minute, 1 mile, and 30-degree turn of the steering wheel.

Rich Vehicle Analytics

Connect directly to the vehicle’s ECM (Electronic Control Module) for FMCSA compliant logbooks and real-time insight into vehicle health and performance.

Always connected. Always protected.

Cradlepoint Routers Built for 5G

R1900 Series

Cradlepoint R1900 Series Router

Firewall Throughput: 940 Mbps

WAN Connectivity: 5G & LTE Cat 20

LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, GbE, BT 5.1

NetCloudSolution: Mobile

Built with 5G in mind, the newly released R1900 accommodates the bandwidth, performance, and security needs of next-generation connectivity. Equip your fleet with this high-performance 5G router for the ultimate mobile solution that offers enterprise-grade security, a cloud-based management platform, and easy installation across a wide variety of vehicle types.

Learn more about our first ever combined 5G vehicle telematics solution

R2100 Series

Cradlepoint R2100 Series Ruggedized Router

Firewall Throughput: 900 Mbps

WAN Connectivity: 5G & LTE Cat 20

LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, 2.5 GbE

NetCloudSolution: Mobile & IoT

Built for next-generation connectivity, the newly released R2100 is a high-bandwidth, exterior mounted mobile connectivity solution accommodates the bandwidth, performance, and security needs of the mass transit, public safety, and first responder industries. Equip your fleet with this high-performance 5G router for the ultimate mobile solution that offers enterprise-grade security, a cloud-based management platform, and easy installation across a wide variety of vehicle types. By integrating the modem, antennas, and router into a single aerodynamic, ruggedized casing, Cradlepoint’s newest form factor reduces installation complexity and cost.

Cradlepoint IBR Series

IBR 900

IBR 900

IBR 1700

IBR 1700

IBR 1100

IBR 1100
*Currently supported by FTS, discontinued model

Rugged Design

Cradlepoint modems are purpose-built to operate through extreme temperature fluctuations, vibrations, shocks, humidity, transient voltage, and more.

Reliable Connectivity

Cradlepoint modems are the preferred choice for mission-critical connectivity on the go. Your field workers can confidently record and save key information from their vehicles to your office’s network.

Highly Secure

Protect your privacy, passengers, and data with enterprise-class cloud-based security. Advanced VPN options allow you to perform secure data transactions from the field.


Quickly deploy, manage, and monitor your fleet’s network with NetCloud Manager (NCM) by Cradlepoint. Save even more time with remote firmware updates.
E-Rate Eligible Solutions

E-Rate Eligible Solutions

Starting in 2024, schools can use federal E-Rate funding to pay for school bus Wi-Fi. Using wireless edge solutions from Cradlepoint, school districts can enable students to learn without limits. By installing robust in-vehicle 5G routers in school buses, students can extend their daily education beyond the classrooms and study halls.

On-board Extended Learning

On-board Wi-Fi enables students to use their time on the bus to study and do homework. Turn long commuting time into connected learning time.

Remote Access for Video Monitoring

Cradlepoint routers on school buses enable OmniPass ID scanners, FleetCam Pro dash cameras, and other IoT devices to monitor students' behavior and track when and where students get on and off buses.

Wi-Fi Hubs in Underserved Areas

Bridge the digital divide by parking Wi-Fi-enabled buses in rural and underserved communities, where many students lack broadband Internet access.

The best gets even better with fleet tracking features.

Our fleet tracking features give you greater insight into your workers, vehicles, and general operation. Ultimately helping you run a more efficient and profitable business.

GPS Tracking
Real-time monitoring of vehicles, trailers, and assets.
Digital DVIRs
Streamlines FMCSA-compliant electronic inspections.
FMCSA-approved electronic logging for compliance.
Driver Behavior
Focus on incentivizing safety for maximum compliance.
Efficiently connecting dispatchers and drivers.
Maintenance tracking with DVIR automation, alerts, and more.
Advanced solutions for government agencies.
Activity Alerts
Fleet activity monitoring with real-time notification
Route Optimization
Build efficient, cost-effective routes.
IFTA Reporting
Mileage and fuel purchase data for easy IFTA fuel tax reports.
The all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system.
Fleet Reports
Data to improve fleet performance.
Commercial Navigation
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for commercial vehicles.
Fuel Card Integration
Quickly import fuel purchase data with fuel card integrations.
Digital Forms
Collect signatures, proofs of delivery, and more.
Advanced Data & IoT
Advanced real-time usage information.

Already a Cradlepoint customer?

We worked with Cradlepoint to create a proprietary firmware that instantly adds comprehensive fleet tracking features to your existing hardware.

The upgrade only takes a few minutes to install.

In an instant, you’ll have access to real-time GPS tracking, fleet-wide analytics, vehicle diagnostics, and more. You’ll also have access to IntelliHub® , our web-based fleet management software, and its companion app, Monarch® ( android & iOS ), for on-the-go fleet management.

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?