Cradlepoint Router 
& GPS Tracking System

Our partnership with Cradlepoint gives you an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution that includes the best in-vehicle routers available on the market. These high-end devices support multiple 4G LTE connections and are purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, ensuring your vehicles and devices stay connected everywhere they go.

Wi-Fi Inside and Out

Cradlepoint IBR Series routers turn your vehicles into rolling hotspots, giving you reliable and cost-effective connectivity for devices in and around the vehicle.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Capture your vehicles’ true movement, driver behavior, and significant events with GPS tracker updates every 1 minute, 1 mile, and 30-degree turn of the steering wheel.

Rich Vehicle Analytics

Connect directly to the vehicle’s ECM (Electronic Control Module) for FMCSA compliant logbooks and real-time insight into vehicle health and performance.