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Resource Center Upgrade Your Wireless WAN Offerings with Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions

Upgrade Your Wireless WAN Offerings with Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions

December 7, 2020 Ashley Preston

Clients that are using high-end wireless WAN routers, like those provided by Cradlepoint, can easily improve safety and productivity by adding an integrated fleet tracking and management solutions provided by Forward Thinking Systems.

It was the topic of conversation during Cradlepoint’s Wireless WAN Wednesday on November 11, 2020. Forward Thinking’s David Isler and Jeremy Mancini joined the webinar to highlight how resellers can take advantage of FTS’ offerings and provide additional value to their clients and potential customers.

Forward Thinking Systems is part of Cradlepoint’s Technology Alliance Partnership, and provides access to real-time GPS tracking and fleet-wide analytics by using Cradlepoint routers’ GPS locations. The Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution is compatible with the IBR1100, IBR1700, and/or IBR900 mobile routers.

FTS can provide customers with a wide range of additional solutions that are easy to utilize; complete with easy integrations, user-friendly web portals, high-end tracking and video equipment, and 24/7 technical support.

The solution also uses the FTS app, which can be downloaded through NetCloud, to pull and integrate data into the FTS browser-based command center, IntelliHub® for analysis and review.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud’s Service Connectors enables rapid and secure cloud-to-cloud authentication. Integrating IntelliHub® is as simple as logging into any current NetCloud® account and enabling the FTS integration through the Integrations tab.

How Can Adding Fleet Services Benefit Cradlepoint Users and Resellers?

“Cradlepoint has been an unbelievably fantastic partner for years,” said Isler, the CEO at FTS. “Adding telemetry, video telematics, and workforce automation to the to mix lets you go after new opportunities. We have standard solutions or unique package options.”

Cradlepoint mobile routers turn vehicles into rolling hotspots, giving you reliable and cost-effective connectivity for devices in and around them. These rugged routers support multiple 4G LTE connections and are built to withstand and operate in extreme conditions.

These high-end devices can access real-time GPS tracking data and fleet-wide analytics when paired with our fleet management solutions; helping you get a clear picture of vehicle locations, driver behavior, maintenance needs, and more.

“While we see other technology offerings in this market adding features that really just check a box, we offer a full suite of features that are really robust,” said Mancini, the VP of Sales and Marketing. “Customers love the ease of use of this specific telematics solution because of how much data we fit onto one screen.”

How Can Small Hardware Additions Improve Fleet Safety and Service?

Some simple hardware additions, such as a OBD-II or jBUS scanner, can give you deeper insights into your fleet, catch vehicle maintenance issues before they become serious issues, and even comply with federal ELD regulations. If you’re required to use an ELD solution and use the FirstNet® system for emergency vehicles and need an ELD solution, this is one of the only solutions available that seamlessly works with both systems.

Add fleet vehicle cameras to your current operation and help your drivers avoid serious crashes. FleetCam® is an award-winning video telematics system that uses advanced AI cameras and sensors to automatically detect dangers on the road, and instantly alerts them with an in-cab notification system that acts in real-time.

The system is designed to alert drivers when they are falling asleep, driving unsafely, or engaging in distracting behavior like using their cellphone or smoking. The data is automatically processed within the vehicle without needing to connect to the cloud, so the system can immediately warn drivers and give them time to react.

“It’s a device that can keep track of the road, beeps at the driver to alert them, alert them before they happen,” said Mancini. “There are cameras that capture events when it happens, but it’s pretty cool that you can alert the driver before it happens and alerts the driver.”

Managers have live-streaming views of the driver, the cab, and the area around the vehicle. It’s easy to pull historic data remotely to watch and download as well.

FleetCam® comes with a built-in driver coaching system. When dangerous or unwanted driving behavior is detected, the system automatically records event clips, uploads them to IntelliHub® and groups them by type and date. The clips include snapshot images to identify drivers and points in time. You can easily view and comment on the event clips, update coaching instructions and track their progress.

Fleet cameras can also be used to assess liability in the event of a crash and dispute false claims against your company. For instance, one customer reported getting a check sent to him after presenting video evidence of a crash.

While this solution requires additional hardware to work with your Cradlepoint router, FleetCam® has several different package options that are made to fit your needs and budget.

What Can AVL and Fleet Management Software Do for Business?

If you’re ready to see exactly what is happening on the road while streamlining vital business procedures or offering a more robust product line, please contact us so we can better understand your needs and set you up with a free demo.

You can also head to Cradlepoint’s TAP site to learn how to get the most out of your Cradlepoint mobile router and your fleet.

Ready to make fleet management more manageable?