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Case Studies   T.J. Morgan Cooling & Heating

T.J. Morgan Cooling & Heating improves communication

and customer satisfaction with Field Warrior.

The Challenge

T.J. Morgan Cooling & Heating needed a system to track vehicle locations, dispatch drivers, and communicate customer information to their drivers in the field.

The Solution

T.J. Morgan Cooling & Heating partnered with FTS to equip their fleet of service vehicles with GPS trackers, and tablets equipped with Field Warrior mobile workforce management app.

The Results

The new fleet management system improved T.J. Morgan’s operations by improving communication between dispatchers and drivers, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Snapshot

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Heating, Ventilation, and Maintenance

T.J. Morgan Cooling and Heating

This system is doing wonderful things for our company. The difference is it works.

- John LeFleur, Service Manager

T.J. Morgan Heating and Cooling has been serving folks in and around Port Arthur, Texas for over 30 years. Company managers wanted to make their dispatcher’s life a little easier with a fleet management solution, but after purchasing GPS trackers from another company, they quickly regretted their decision.

“The old company wouldn’t even call us back,” said John LeFleur, T.J. Morgan’s Service Manager. “We had equipment that was broken for months, and they wouldn’t come out to fix it. We couldn’t get any of the information we needed. It’s been a completely different story after signing on with Forward Thinking.”

The company wanted a way to see where vehicles were and have a way to communicate with drivers without having to give them smartphones. “The owner made it clear he didn’t want something drivers could access the internet on,” John said. “They can do it on their own time, but not with company equipment.”

Plenty of companies had the software we wanted, but very few could provide any sort of hardware. Forward Thinking checked all our boxes.

- John LeFleur, Service Manager

John said it was hard to find a company that provided both the software and equipment they needed. “We must have called seven, eight, nine places before choosing Forward Thinking. Plenty of them had the software we wanted, but very few could provide any sort of hardware. We wanted to be able to lease the equipment too; instead of having to purchase it all and then have someone install it. Forward Thinking checked all our boxes.”

John went on to say how impressed he has been with Forward Thinking’s customer service. “Not only do these products go above and beyond what we needed, the service has been exceptional so far. The team has done what they said they’d do, and no one’s left me waiting days for a response.”

One of the biggest things T.J. Morgan operators needed was a way to easily communicate with drivers about jobs coming in through an outside company they contract with. Dispatchers needed a way to send customer and job site information to drivers and give the driver a way to easily communicate with the office.

“Now our drivers can send simple, prewritten message to us or write out their own, but it’s a lot faster and safer than giving them smartphones and texting,” John said. “It’s really working for us.”

They’ve already noticed a difference since switching over too. “The program is doing wonderful things for our company,” John told us. “The difference is – it works. Our customers don’t want excuses, they expect that our equipment is functioning properly, and we will get the job done in a timely manner. We need to make sure we can meet those expectations and get to our customers without unnecessary delays.”

The Forward Thinking Systems program is very user-friendly and faster than the other one we had.

- John LeFleur, Service Manager

“We didn’t need all of the bells and whistles these products offer, but they came in handy the other day” John said. “Our dispatcher got an alert on her computer saying one of our drivers was going 52mph in a 30mph zone at that moment. I was able to call him right away to find out what he was doing. We couldn’t respond in real time like that until these products arrived.”

“Our dispatcher has been using the program only for a short time now, but she’s already getting it,” John said. “It’s very user-friendly and she especially loves that you can see exactly where the trucks are. They even show up as truck icons in her monitor. The program is faster than the other one we had, and it is easier to navigate. The training videos are great too; everything was where it was supposed to be, and it made it easy to learn how to operate.”

“It felt like playing a guessing game with the other company when it came to what we were going to end up with,” John said. “All of the information Forward Thinking sent has been perfect. We got exactly what we ordered, it was installed on time, as promised, and things have been running smoothly so far. Everyone has been wonderful to talk to and I haven’t had any trouble getting the answers we need.”

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