IntelliHub® Gets Vehicle Clustering, Speed Improvements, and More

November 6, 2018

This week we released some big improvements to IntelliHub® that we’re excited to share with you. Let’s get right into it.

Vehicle Clustering

Vehicles that are close to each other on the map are now neatly grouped together into clusters. So instead of seeing piles of vehicles on top of each other like the left picture below, you'll see something more like the picture on the right.

Each cluster shows the number of vehicles in it, and the colors around the edge intelligently represent the vehicles within the cluster. For example, if half of the vehicles in a cluster are yellow, then 50% of the circle will be yellow.

Clicking on a cluster will zoom in and break it into its component vehicles, or into smaller clusters if some of the vehicles are still near each other. You can also break down the clusters by manually zooming into the map.

To enable or disable vehicle clustering, simply click the new Clustering button on the left side of IntelliHub®.

Faster Loading

IntelliHub® is now much faster. We don't want to bore you with too many details but we rewrote the vehicles list from the ground up and greatly improved the way data refreshes, making the initial load happen as much as 10x faster.

Additional Convenience Features

You can now use the page uppage down, home, and end keys on your keyboard to scroll through the vehicle list. Also, the header for the vehicle list now stays in view as you scroll down the list vehicles.