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3 Things Officers Want Drivers to Do During (and Before) Roadside Inspections

By Ashley Benjamin | June 5, 2018

The CVSA’s annual International Roadcheck runs from June 5th through June 7th this year. We reached out to inspection agencies across the country to see how you can prepare for this year’s ramp up.

5 Modern Advancements of the Police Cruiser

By Ashley Benjamin | May 17, 2018

Fighting crime is one of our society’s oldest and most noble professions. It’s also one that has dramatically evolved over the years, staying on the cutting-edge of technology and using…

5 Things You Might Not Know About Fire Trucks

By Ashley Benjamin | May 4, 2018

Fire trucks are one of our society’s oldest and most recognizable vehicles. But its look and functions have dramatically changed over the years. The fire truck as we know it…

How to Stay Compliant with AOBRDs Until You Switch to ELD

By Ashley Benjamin | April 25, 2018

There’s a lot of confusion about using grandfathered AOBRDs in the ELD Age. Here’s what you need to know, and need to do, if you’re waiting to make the switch.

4 Ways Bad Driving Habits Affect Your Bottom Line

By Ashley Benjamin | April 23, 2018

Green driving isn’t just about helping the environment, it’s about making sure your fleet is running as efficiently as possible while sending the right message to the community about your business.

6 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Sleep Better

By Ashley Benjamin | April 3, 2018

37% of working U.S. adults only get six hours or less of sleep a night, putting lives at risk and costing companies thousands of dollars a year. Here are six ways you can help your employees fight fatigue and be more productive on the job.

You could be pulled off the road if you’re not compliant with the ELD rule

By Ashley Benjamin | March 28, 2018

The ELD rule’s “soft enforcement” period has ended, and if you’re not exempt, or you’re not ready, your vehicle could be pulled out of service. That’s because the ELD rule…

Customer Success Story: BEST Transportation

By Philip DiPatrizio | March 7, 2018

From monitoring driver behavior, to better serving customers who need last minute pickups, BEST Transportation is finding ways to continue outpacing the competition with Forward Thinking.

Field Warrior® ELD Registered and Approved by FMCSA – Now What?

By Philip DiPatrizio | November 28, 2017

Our ELD solutions for Garmin and Android are officially registered and approved by the FMCSA. In this post we discuss what’s next for our current customers that are preparing to switch to ELDs.

Important ELD Tips, Checklists, Training, and More

By Philip DiPatrizio | September 18, 2017

Finding answers to your ELD questions isn’t always difficult. But finding accurate answers from a reliable source often is. With so many self-proclaimed ELD experts, it’s hard to know who to trust. This resource makes it easier for you.