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Why It’s Better to Switch to LTE Now Instead of Waiting for 5G

Major carriers are shutting down their 2G/3G networks, leaving companies who didn’t switch over in the dark. Why switching to LTE now is better than waiting for 5G.

A blue truck drives down the road after getting a cradlepoint-compatiable ELD solution

Forward Thinking Systems Releases First Cradlepoint-Compatible ELD Software

Introducing the first ELD-compliant solution on the market that’s compatible with Cradlepoint’s advanced mobile routers.

A man looks down at his mobile workforce system on a tablet while walking through a warehouse in a safety vest

A Guide to Optimizing Operations with Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

Mobile workforce management solutions simplify fleet operations by automating services, reducing needed man-hours, improving productivity and lowering costs.

A young boy boards a school bus along with his classmates, who are standing in line waiting to get on board.

5 Ways to Make School Buses Safer with GPS Tracking

School bus GPS tracking helps school districts improve student safety and bus driver accountability, simplify dispatch operations, and help answer parent questions.

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6 Problems that are Solved with GPS Fleet Tracking

Businesses that don’t use GPS fleet tracking systems are missing out on a number of advantages that others are utilizing to optimize operations, streamline schedules, and track equipment.

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How to Attract and Retain Drivers in the Face of Driver Shortage

A comprehensive view of the truck driver shortage and what’s behind it, along with a list of steps you can take to attract new drivers while keeping the ones you have happy, healthy and on the road.

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Many Drivers and Carriers Still Confused Between AOBRDs and ELDs

What’s the difference between an AOBRD and an ELD? We talk about the key differences between the two electronic logging devices and how the changes impact you.

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Improve Fleet Safety and Driver Performance with Vehicle Tracking

Studies show that fleet safety improves when on-board monitoring systems are installed in a vehicle and the driver is given proper training and continued coaching.

the front of TJ Morgan Heating and Cooling

Customer Success Story: T.J. Morgan Heating and Cooling

A heating and cooling company in Texas has never looked back after switching over to Forward Thinking Systems. Managers at T.J. Morgan say these handy products have already made a difference, and the customer service they’ve received has been second to none.

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3 Benefits of Using Maintenance Automation for Fleet Owners and Automotive Service Professionals

Maintenance Automation is a tool designed to simplify the lives of fleet owners and the automotive service professionals overseeing all those vehicles. With everything from automated maintenance reminders to real-time alerts when problems arise, we’ve outlined the three benefits of adding maintenance automation to your fleet’s toolbox.