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Coaching events

This guide is intended to bring you through the coaching area located in the Driver Behavior / FleetCam section within Intellihub.

Coachable event categories

Coachable events are separated into 4 categories in FleetCam.

Within Daily Allowance: Events that are within the daily allowance set for that Event Type within Scorecard Settings.
Disputed by Driver: Events that were disputed by Drivers.
Pending Self-Coaching: Events that have surpassed the daily allowance set for that Event Type within Scorecard Settings, and now require self-coaching by the driver.
Coached: Events that have been coached.

Coaching an event

Click on an event to view it. If your user is a Coach, a panel wil appear below the event player with the following fields:

Coaching Status: The coaching status of the event. This can be adjusted by a Coach via the dropdown arrow to the right of the Coaching Status.
Severity: How severe the coachable event is. This can be adjusted by a Coach via the drodown arrow to the right of the Severity.
Coach: The driver’s coach.
Email Reminders: How many email reminders have been sent to the Coach to coach the event
Days Pending Coaching: How many days the event has been pending coaching

To the right of these fields, any messages between the Coach and Driver are shown. To send a new message to the Driver on the event, enter the new message in the “Write a comment” field. These comments are visible under the event in the Driver’s DriveShield app.

The coaching center

The Coaching Center is the Coach’s one-stop shop for managing their Drivers’ coachable events. It is also where Coach Supervisors can review the status of coachable Events for the Coaches they oversee.

There are two tabs available in the Coaching Center, adjustable via a toggle in the upper-right corner.

Action Required: Only shows Drivers for whom Coaching is required
All Drivers: Shows all Drivers regardless of whether they currently require coaching

To the right of the toggle is a checkbox for “Only Mine“. Checking this box off will cause the Coaching Center to only display Drivers who are assigned to you.

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