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New DriveShield™ Learning Management System and AI Facial Recognition – Driving Fleet Operations Forward

New DriveShield™ Learning Management System and AI Facial Recognition – Driving Fleet Operations Forward

JERICHO, N.Y., March 8, 2022 -- Forward Thinking Systems has announced the introduction of cutting-edge AI capability and a new learning management System (LMS) to its DriveShield application. This further expands the value and functionality of its popular suite of fleet management and telematics products. The new features will reduce the complexity of day-to-day fleet operations by providing managers a hands-off approach to both managing and coaching their drivers.

DriveShield In-App Driver Coaching Improves Commercial Driver Safety and Mitigates risk.

Commercial fleets can now utilize advanced AI facial recognition tools to detect who is on the road and when. The application works in tandem with facial recognition technology to detect smoking, distracted driving, driving fatigue, cell phone use, and other behaviors. Drivers can see the impact to their daily scorecard in the DriveShield app. By utilizing the LMS capabilities of DriveShield, fleet managers can automate the process of driver coaching and intervene only when necessary.

"DriveShield is a game-changer for our industry. Management can free up time by allowing their drivers to self-coach. This provides an easy path to improved driver safety," says David Isler, CEO at Forward Thinking Systems. "We are able to reward safe driving behavior without having to micro-manage."

Features and benefits of DriveShield include:

  • Video review of safety events
  • Driver self-coaching functionality
  • Ability to dispute events and add comments
  • Driver analytics and trends
  • Facial recognition association to vehicle

Upon engine ignition, the in-vehicle camera will begin taking a series of photos of the driver's face. Photos are simultaneously uploaded to FTS servers and analyzed by our AI facial recognition system to verify the driver's identity and assign vehicle activity.

Learning Management System (LMS)

DriveShield's new LMS add-on is implemented seamlessly into FleetCam's simple four-step safety process:

  1. In-Cab Audiovisual Alerts
  2. In-App Self-Coaching
  3. In-App LMS Training Courses
  4. Escalation to Supervisor

Our advanced AI-assisted cameras detect safety events in real-time. When a safety event occurs, drivers are alerted with in-cab audiovisual alerts.

For more information on DriveShield, visit or FleetCam® at

About Forward Thinking Systems (FTS): Forward Thinking Systems was established in 2005 and is dedicated to building fleet management solutions that give our customers an edge. Our software helps our customers reduce risk and increase safety, in turn allowing them to run a more cost-efficient operation. We provide the insight you need to manage your vehicles, assets, and team from your phone or office. Fleet customer feedback is a crucial part of the process of making the best solution for commercial fleets. That is why we offer all our customers 24/7 support.  Learn more at

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