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Forward Thinking Systems Announces OBD-II Data Support for FleetCam Pro

Forward Thinking Systems Announces OBD-II Data Support for FleetCam Pro

JERICHO, NY, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2023 -- Forward Thinking Systems (FTS), a leading provider of fleet management solutions, announces the integration of OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics II) diagnostics and telematics data into its FleetCam Pro dash camera. This groundbreaking, over-the-air firmware update will enable the FleetCam Pro to connect directly to the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) through an OBD-II port and capture extensive vehicle diagnostic and telematics data, including engine RPM, vehicle speed, fuel level, odometer mileage, engine run time, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), vehicle identification numbers, and more.

The OBD-II port provides a standardized gateway into a vehicle’s computer that monitors engine performance and reports diagnostic issues. Unlike traditional dash cams, which only use the OBD port for power, FleetCam Pro uses the OBD-II port to capture valuable data from the ECU. This intelligent integration eliminates the need for separate GPS trackers that plug into the OBD-II port, along with a separate dashcam for video.

"With the introduction of our OBD-II integration for FleetCam Pro, we are revolutionizing the way fleets are managed," said David Isler, CEO of Forward Thinking Systems. "By utilizing the new data capabilities of the FleetCam Pro, our customers can now consolidate GPS tracking, AI-driven dashcam video, and critical engine diagnostic data all in a single device.  This enables fleet operators to optimize their operations with unparalleled ease and efficiency."

FleetCam Pro can deliver this rich stream of data from the ODB-II port directly to the IntelliHub fleet management platform, where fleet managers can track and analyze data for their entire fleet. This extensive vehicle health and telematics data can be used to proactively identify and address maintenance needs, optimize fuel efficiency, and improve overall operational performance. For example, fleet managers can use this data stream to diagnose vehicle problems based on DTC error codes and schedule maintenance as needed, or track odometer and other vehicle metrics to see a fuller picture of a vehicle’s true activities.

“By capturing vehicle data through the OBD-II port, FleetCam Pro offers a comprehensive and streamlined solution, providing fleet operators with unrivaled connectivity, data insights, and convenience,” said David Isler. “With this new integration, Forward Thinking Systems not only reinforces its continued commitment to existing customers of the FleetCam Pro, but delivers a practical cutting edge solution that actually simplifies the way fleets are managed.”

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About Forward Thinking Systems (FTS)

Forward Thinking Systems (FTS) specializes in delivering advanced telematics solutions to both public and private sectors for efficient fleet, driver, and asset management. Established in 2005, FTS has empowered numerous clients and agencies with essential tools and data-driven insights for optimized fleet operations. FTS has facilitated seamless access to automated processes for state emissions and compliance solutions, serving a multitude of fleets nationwide.

FTS presents five comprehensive platform offerings — IntelliHub®, Field Warrior®, Route Matrix™, FleetCam®, and DriveShield® — to address diverse challenges in fleet management, asset tracking, ELD compliance, and driver safety across multiple industries on a global scale.

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