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Ryder integration management guide

This guide covers how to manage the Ryder integration within vehicle profiles.

After setting up the Ryder integration, it is critically important that the customer ensure Ryder vehicle numbers are entered for the proper vehicles and are kept up-to-date while the vehicle is being leased from Ryder.

Ryder numbers for vehicles are managed under their vehicle profiles.

To view a vehicle’s profile, first access Global Settings by clicking on the gear in the upper-right corner of the Intellihub, then Global Settings.

Then, select Vehicles:

Search for the vehicle you’re looking for in the list, then select it:

For Ryder vehicles, the IFTA Responsibility field must be set to Ryder, and the correct Ryder number for the vehicle must be entered into the Vehicle ID field:

Once you’ve verified the above fields are correct, click Save Changes.

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