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Cradlepoint integration setup

This guide covers how to enable and set up an integration between Cradlepoint and the IntelliHub fleet management portal.

Pre Requisites & Obligations (READ FIRST)


  • Sales must obtain the number of licenses the customer wants. This is done automatically via the integration during initial setup.
  • If the customer wants to use FleetCam with their Cradlepoint routers, Sales must request the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password for each router they want to connect a FleetCam MDVR to.


  • The customer must set up the integration on Cradlepoint’s side.
  • The integration must be set up by a user with Administrator rights.
  • The customer must manage and make any updates the routers being added to the integration via the Manage My Routers page (step 7).

New Customer Setup

NOTE: If these steps are not followed on initial sign-up, we will not be able to track your router(s).  Please ensure you have Administrator rights in NetCloud on the user setting the integration up.

  1. Under the Tools panel in NetCloud, the user must check off “Enable NCOS SDK.

  1. Next, under the Integrations panel, the user selects the Forward Thinking: Advanced GPS Tracking tile.

  2. The user clicks Enable.

  3. The user fills out the form and clicks Submit.

  4. After clicking Submit, user has an option to authorize importing routers before a representative contacts them (screenshot below).

  5. User is presented with an authorization screen and must click Accept to continue.
    • The user must have Administrator permissions in order to accept the authorization

  6. The user is brought to a screen with a list of their routers, by group. (Loading this screen can take a few seconds or a few minutes depending on how many routers the account has.) The user selects the routers they intend to add Intellihub tracking to, then clicks Save Changes.

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